Board Updates, and 1,000 Posts Celebration!


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Jun 15, 2018
To all our valued storytellers,

Six months ago, we set out to create the best possible roleplaying community and experience, bar none, with only a small handful of dedicated individuals. Five hundred posts seemed a distant goal - Super Robot Wars OG is, by all merits, a relatively obscure and specialized franchise in the West, with limited (and often inaccurate) information available in English, and there were serious questions about whether or not we could even attract enough members to sustain a board. We joked, initially, about a 500 post celebration...

But as more and more people began to arrive and commit their time, their energy, and their effort to building our community, we ended up reaching that goal in practically no time. People reached out to their friends, into other communities, and brought them into our circle, which grew by ones and twos to its current size - over thirty registered users. For a community that has only been around for a very short time, and which occupies a niche-in-a-niche interest, this is nothing short of outstandingly successful.

A five hundred post milestone quickly became a one thousand post milestone, and the community blew past that as well- even with the traditional holiday slowdown. Words can't accurately express our surprise and delight at the quality and depth of the stories being told and expressed - characters that struggle, that endear, and who quickly garner the attentions and sympathies of the community, writers encouraging one another to grow and bouncing ideas, creating an incredible environment for growth and creativity tempered by constructive criticism, and dramatic plots unfolding that wrench the heart with every twist and turn - these are the things that true Roleplaying is about, and everything we hoped to engender with the site's creation.

Thank you to all of our storytellers for everything you have contributed so far, in making SRW Ignition live up to its mission statement. We couldn't have done it without you.

With that said, we have some activities in mind, as a special thank you - and, we look forward to your continued support.

See you at 3000 posts!

- Your Admin, GEAR


1,000 Post Celebration Extravaganza!
Dates: January 7th - 14th​
1) Axio Design Contest
Starting on January 7th, through January 14thth, we will have a contest to see who can design the best variant of the humble Axio. A mystery prize will be given to the winner!

2) SRWI T-Shirt Design Contest
What would a SRWI themed clothing line look like? For the graphically minded (or trendiest), among us, flex your artistic skills by presenting a T-Shirt design! Accessories such as hats, belts, shoes, etc. are all welcome as well.

3) One-Shot Short Story Contest
Submit a one-short short story, set in the setting of SRWI! (It doesn't necessarily have to feature your own character). The winning titles will be archived and submitted as "Tales of Isola", a compendium of Best-Of which will be added to exclusively at post milestone events.

4) The First Halcyon Duelist's Cup Tournament
Lastly, a special, limited time only area will be opened on the forum for "Lightning Round" duels to determine the best fighter around, and winner of the Halycon Duelist's Cup. Post time limits are 24 hours only - and at the end, only one winner will be declared as the Ultimate Duelist, with a unique chat and user flair added to their profile... But beware, their title will have to be defended come next Milestone!

In addition to these, the Sub-RPG Forum will be being added shortly, with the first inclusion being "Mobile Suit Gundam: Exuvia".
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