Exciting Changes Underway!


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Jun 15, 2018
Greetings, Ignitioneers!

Now that we have achieved sufficient velocity, the moderating team and I felt it was appropriate to reveal that (on the advice of some very reputable focus groups), in a bid to increase the board's broader appeal, we are incorporating elements to our fringe niche from other, equally fringe yet vastly more profitable niches! SRW:I will be a thing of the past, so please put your hands together as we transition to the next phase in our continued evolution:

~~Shin Super Idol Wars: Ignite My Heart~~!


Rejoice, as no longer will your characters be tied to clunky, old-fashioned robots, but to the glamorous lights of the stage! Fame, fortune, and the blossoming of youth will be the new heart of the RPG! Some minor plot and setting changes will be necessitated by this, but we're working to make sure that the transition is as seamless and painless as possible.

As part of the effort to maintain our status as innovators and pioneers in forum-based roleplaying, we will be requiring all users to submit, and sing their character's own original songs. While this may be difficult for some of the more withdrawn among you, we are certain that this will encourage the development of a whole new generation of talented singers and songwriters - who knows, maybe you'll end up being scouted?

With this, there will be some slight changes to the interface and storyline:

-All references to Mobile Weapons, giant robots, or any kind of mecha are to be removed.
-Mobile Weapon statlines are to be replaced with cute outfit descriptions instead.
-All character applications will be required to be submitted with a publicly accessible vocal recording.

There will also be some layout changes, which you can preview here!

As for Mobile Suit Gundam: Exuvia, we think you'll find the coming changes to that equally exciting, as we delve into the dramatic, yet no less tumultuous world of domestic politics with Congressional Circumstances: Red vs. Blue. Members will be able to enjoy the detailed sausage making process of crafting legislation, creating political compromise, suck up to elected officials, and interact with lobbyists in this 100% accurate political simulator!

They said it couldn't be done, that it would be suicide, that it would, quote-unquote, "Destroy the community, you madman!" - but here at SRWI SSIW:IMH! we shall continue to work tirelessly as part of our commitment to you, the player, to deliver exciting and unique experiences - and in that effort, we shall remain uncompromising!

Thank you for your continued support!

@ SSIW:IMH! Moderation Team
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