Grey Pythons Paramilitary

May 30, 2019
Grey Pythons

Overview: The Grey Pythons was an infamous paramilitary organization that has presence throughout the Middle East, Russia, North America and across Asia. They were known for operating through sleeper cells and cyber attacks and causing civil wars to any weak countries they pleases. The Grey Pythons allegedly mounted raids on numerous corporate facilities for resources. The Grey Pythons consisted of militia and rebels from third-world countries, ex-military personnel that had grew tired of The Directory's oppression, and hired mercenaries who needed lucrative jobs. Using the materials they looted, the Grey Pythons were resourceful enough to establish their own 'Tactical Engineering Division' capable of constructing Mobile Weapons that matches that of The Directory's Gespensts.

History: Not much were known about the Grey Pythons and where they came from. Intelligence reports from spies showed that the Grey Pythons were created by a high-ranking politician from the Directory but this was not yet proven. It was confirmed, however, that the Grey Pythons were supported by third-world countries and some branches of their local government, creating dissidents in their chains of leadership that often resulted in violent coups. Mostly, the Grey Python supporters won but not without the violent intervention from the paramilitary.

The Grey Pythons promised protection and safe haven to those who accepted it with open arms. Even under extensive surveillance, the agendas of this organization remained unknown. They followed the pattern similarly exhibited by a typical terrorist group but the organization had never conducted attacks against innocent civilians with the exception of those in the higher-class or if the civilians in question were involved with the corporation they were targeting.

After their emergence, reports on missing engineers and scientists had doubled within five years. This could have explained the organization's 'Tactical Engineering Division' and its capacity to build high-end Mobile Weapons.

Notable Individuals:

"The Unmaker"

The Unmaker was the Grey Python's de facto leader. Nothing much is also known about him but multiple intelligence reports suggested that The Unmaker individual does not exist and was simply played by numerous actors from its own organization. This was not proven as of yet, but its possibility was not eliminated either.


Brutus was The Unmaker's trusted lieutenant. Wherever he goes, he was there but hiding in the shadows and always lying in wait should someone hurt their beloved leader. Brutus was noticed for his burly frame and the spiked crimson armor he wore. Intelligence reports has already confirmed that the spikes consisted of human bones that belonged to politicians and war prisoners that the Grey Pythons had captured throughout its years of existence.

Faction Colors: Camouflage mix of grey, black and white

Status: Active
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May 30, 2019
Grey Pythons Mobile Weapons:

Weight: 65.2 Tons
Armaments: MP350 "Trident" Machinegun, X950 Plasma Cutter, spiked personal Battle Shield (mounted on the Mobile Weapon's right shoulder), Compact Beam Weapon (shoulder mounted beam weapon attached to the Mobile Weapon's left shoulder).
Description: The Potentatus is the Grey Pythons' commonly used Mobile Weapons issued to the grunts of the paramilitary organization. It was designed by its very own 'Tactical Engineering Division'. Emphasizing on both mobility and high firepower, the Potentatus can be a dangerous foe in the battlefield especially when under the command of a competent tactician. It was already a formidable foe in the battlefield and proved to be troublesome when deployed in numbers.

The Potentatus was known for its hunched stature, making it a hard target should its pilot takes cover behind a structure. The Potentatus' armaments could be lessened to accommodate maximum stealth but with reduced damage capability. The Potentatus' armor plates and its distinguishable personal Battle Shield could also be removed so that an additional Compact Beam Weapon can be installed on the other shoulder.

Weight: 67.4 Tons
Armaments: Titanium-Grade Battle Sword, "Black Iron" Compact Sword, Type-2 Steel Knife, "Storm" Shield (optional), Type X Plasma Cutter, Type-1 Front Gun
Description: The head of the Praetoriam was known for its 'demon-like' appearance: toothed, red eyed and horned. Its body was clad in golden battle plates that overlapped one another which made a distressing rattling sound in every movement it makes, causing disturbance to ground troops. Two jet-powered wheels were attached on each of the Praetoriam's ankle to increase it speed and maneuverability on the battlefield. The Praetoriam was suitable for lightning strike assaults and hit and run tactics due to its agility. It was preferred to be used with melee-ranged weaponry but it could also wield an MP350 should the pilot preferred it.

The Praetoriam was never an ideal unit for any missions relating to stealth. However, it was an advisable unit to choose from in any assault missions.

Weight: 70.2 Tons
Armaments: Titanium-Grade Battle Sword, Type X Plasma Cutter, MP350 "Trident" Machinegun MkII, personal Battle Shield, Compact Beam Weapon (optional), Retractable Battle Armblades
Description: The Gladiatoris boasted both strengths that the Potentatus and the Praetoriam lacked. It could possess the Praetoriam's martial prowess while at the same time also possess the Potentatus' long range capability and firepower. Its speed was unmatched by the first two Mobile Weapons and it was also capable of flight through the plasma-powered Jump Module attached to the Gladiatoris' spine.

The Gladiatoris was only reserved for personnel that holds an important position in the Grey Python Paramilitary. Its black coloration, sleek frame and lion-like head was the Gladiatoris' notable appearance.