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Jun 18, 2018
Alliance Kingdom of Crescentia
Capital: Perindor
Government: Divine Monarchy
Notable Territories: Crescentia
Population: ~800,000
Goals: Reconstruction of Crescentia, Protection of the Seal, Preservation of the Worlds
Motto: Honor your Kingdom, Honor your Family
Faction Colors: White, Blue, Gold

I. Government & Military
The Geopolitical situation of Crescentia can be summarized as a collection of 10 city-states operating under the rule of a single sovereign ruler. Heidel Vaan Ariandel, the Grand Reine leads as the ruler of this world, and has oversight over the ongoings of the realm. Each city-state is under the main jurisdiction of a governor-general, who manages the details of each city-state. The Grand Reine and the 10 Governor-Generals meet monthly to discuss issues, topics of importance, and policies. Each Governor-General is given reasonable autonomy, though the Grand Reine can overrule any policy or plan a Governor-General may put forward.

Under the rule of the Grand Reine, are the 12 Regis Knights, warriors who proved themselves during the Anti-Giant War and who were sought out by Heidel to serve under her. Through a pact between the Grand Reine and the Knights, they are given the essence of Aberon, giving them great power and eternal life for as long as the Grand Reine lives. Knights 1-11 serve the realm and work directly under Heidel, while the 12th Knight is given autonomy with running the 'Guardians of Eden', who work mostly in Earth, ensuring the preservation of Earth.

The common military is run by the Grand General, who works under the Grand Reine. Mobile weapon production and distribution is handled directly by the military, and private ownership is outlawed by the government. Perindor manages the deployment and Garrison of mobile weapons to all of the Kingdom's territories, who works with the commander in each city-state to confirm garrison numbers.

II. History
After the Great Anti-Giant war, with the victory of the humans, Heidel reformed the Anti-Giant Alliance into the Alliance Kingdom of Crescentia, Unifying the remnants of the human populations to rebuild their world. The destruction wrought by the war left much of civilization in crumbles, cities destroyed, families lost, lands made barren. It was up to the remaining population to rebuild.

After the Great War, the five heroes went their own ways, splitting up without the cohesive leadership of the Saviour. Most went to the new world, created when the Saviour performed his technique. It was only Heidel who stayed behind, feeling she had a responsibility to lead the world in discovering their independence. There were several Crescentian people who went with the Heroes, hoping to settle in new beginnings.

For the past millennia, they have been focused on restoring their cities and expanding their population, recovering from the destruction wrought by the war. This has been fairly successful due to the abundance of resources that the land provides them with. The World itself remains as it was, a medieval-era Kingdom, long before any industrial production ever begun, outside of their Mobile weapons.


III. Geography & The Temporal Anomaly:
The Land of Crescentia was once a singular, massive continent that stretched around the world. There was a vital strip of land that in a way connected the north and south of the continent, called [The Bridge of Eden]. When the Giants had taken control of the population, they seized control of all the land, though when humankind rose up, they began pushing the Giant alliance back from the south. Eventually they had taken control of the Southern half, up until the [Bridge of Eden]. It was here that they decided to to reach their climatic battle to end the war and gain their freedom back. However, When the giants themselves made their appearance, Humankind was pushed to to desperate measures, with the Saviour using his ultimate technique.

This technique caused a multitude of things to happen. It dealt a devastating blow to the giants but not enough to outright kill them; It cut through space-time and the dimensions itself, causing the world to fracture into two, then outright obliterated the northern half of the world. The world, becoming displaced through time and space went through several distortions causing the land itself to shift in shape, eventually creating the Surface world of [Earth], and made this surface world layer itself on top of Crescentia. Due to Crescentia being half-destroyed, the previously spherical world unraveled itself, shaping itself into a Flat-plane of existence within Earth’s sphere.

The Northern half of Crescentia fell into a temporal anomaly, where time itself was frozen within its sphere; should one venture into it, they would still find the ruins of the previous land from millenia ago. Without the proper protection, anyone entering the anomaly will too, become frozen in time. Somewhere within the Distortion also exists the [Gate], a passageway that leads from Crescentia to Earth. The connecting Gate on earth is located at an undisclosed location. Both sides are guarded by the [Guardians of Eden], a small group under the control of the 12th Regis Knight.

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IV. The Mobile Weapons of Crescentia:
i. BK-02 Cross Calibur
ii. SF-01 Yamato
iii. BK-03 Paladyne
iv. BK-00 Falsaber
v. BK-01 Bru Victor
vi. Welspiner
vii. Welsdine

Model Number: BK-02
Code Name: Cross Calibur
Manufacturer: Aberon
Operator: Heidel Vaan Ariandel
Power Source: Prana Extractor
Propulsion: Ether Thruster
Composition: Orichalconium
Height: 32.7 meters
Weight: 82.9 tons

Xcalibur Longsword

Finishing Attack:
Heavensfall - Pushing the Prana Extractor beyond its normal limits, the Cross Calibur channels its Prana into calling forth a magical 'pillar' from the heavens to come crashing down into the earth. After making impact, the pillar continues pushing into the ground, each time causing eruptions to fracture the ground around it. After having fully inserting itself into the ground, prana begins 'venting' out form the cracks in the earth, causing a massive explosion around the area of original impact.

The Personal mobile weapon of the Grand Reine, Heidel Vaan Ariandel. Given a regal design, it was gifted to the five heroes by Aberon himself as a means to combat the Giants and Angels. While not blessed by an elemental spirit, having been crafted by Aberon himself and given his blessing, his power serves as substitute to the spirit's. However over the years, its power has degraded, giving it an effectiveness similar to that of a Masouki blessed by an A-ranked spirit. The Cross Calibur served as the basis for all of Crescentia's Limited and Mass-Produced mobile weapons,

In the Anti-Giant War, the Cross Calibur was one of the leading figures of the movement, piloted by Heidel, who was the leader of the alliance, but also often fought on the frontlines. The Cross Calibur saw plenty of deployment, also being one of the most powerful mobile weapons of Crescentia. In present times, It stands little more as a relic of the past, As the land is peaceful.


Model Number: SF-01
Code Name: Yamato
Manufacturer: Kingdom of Crescentia
Operator: Kusanagi-no-Mikoto
Power Source: Ki Extractor
Height: 25.6 meters
Weight: 83.1 tons

The Personal Mobile Weapon of the Saviour, used by him during the Anti-Giant War. Fashioned in the southern aesthetic of Crescentia, it evokes a powerful image of a strong warrior. Unlike the majority of Crescentia mechs, the Yamato operates on a Ki-based system, which had higher compatibility to the Saviour’s style. The Yamato is fully compatible with the Kusanagi Sword School’s techniques, and the Ki amplifier on the mech allowed the Saviour to unleash his full potential. For any normal user, the Ki Extractor would siphon the pilot’s life force, though the Saviour's immortality made him immune to this side-effect. During the climatic finale of the War, the sheer stress put on the mech caused it to break and become unusable. It now remains dormant in the Throne room of Penridor Citadel, watching over the throne and those who enter the room.


Model Number: BK-03
Code Name: Paladyne
Manufacturer: Kingdom of Crescentia
Operator: Regis Knights
Power Source: Prana Extractor
Propulsion Ether Thruster
Composition: Orichalconium
Height: 28.6
Weight: 73.1 tons

A Limited Production Mobile weapon made by Crescentia based off the Cross Calibur, the Paladyne serves as the exclusive Masouki of the Regis Knights. The greatest achievement of this Masouki is the adaptive systems installed that allow for the pilot to customize the mech's Fighting style and finisher moves. Each Regis Knight has their own finisher and fighting style with the mech. Each mech has been blessed by various A-rank elemental spirits, giving each an elemental difference as well. There are currently 12 of these mechs in existence.
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Important People:
Name: Heidel Vaan Ariandel
Age: Unknown, appears in her mid 20s
Gender: Female
Height: 5’10”
Weight: 150 lbs.
Eye Color: Gray
Ethnicity: Crescentian


The third Princess of the Ancient Valran Kingdom, and current Grand Reine of the Crescentian Kingdom. Heidel was but a young girl when the Giants had begun their subjugation of mankind. Despite being raised under their rule, Heidel had always had a righteous outlook, and refused to be but a mere slave to the Giants. Her Kingdom was in the Northern Continent of Crescentia, and was one of the first to fall under rule of the Giants. Throughout her adolescence, the people of her Kingdom loved her and looked to her more than the Giants. Said giants didn't take kindly to this kind of insubordination, and sent a task force to 'cleanse' the Kingdom of Valran. While under siege, Heidel and naught but two of her servants fled the city and it was razed to the ground. For a lack of better words, Her Kingdom and all its people were massacred by the Giants, and she was left without a home. Through a long journey, She managed to sneak to the southern continent, which hadnt been overtaken by the giants, where she was able to live easier. Despite this, she was caught in the slumps of her life, depressed due to the loss of her kingdom, her family, and her people.

It wasn't until a year later that she met the Saviour. He was the son of a blacksmith, but also was training with the knights of the country. He approached her, and as if a guardian angel had descended upon her, She had found her own personal savior. Her chivalric passion was reignited, And she became determined to defeat the Giants and avenger her people. It was around this time that she was blessed by Aberon, and given the "Authority of Heaven," A powerful charismatic ability that could pull anyone under her influence. With this power, she was able to rally nations to the cause, eventually forming the Anti-Giant Alliance,

After the War ended, Heidel became the ruler of Crescentia by popular vote of the several city-states that formed the alliance. Along with her Queendom, she established the Regis Knights, twelve loyal warriors who shared in a special pact with the Grand Reine. Heidel has ruled the Kingdom since the end of the war to present times, the lingering blessing of Aberon keeping her alive.


Name: "The Saviour"
Age: Unknown
Gender: Male
Height: 6'3"
Weight: 250 lbs.
Eye Color: Hazel
Ethnicity; Crescentian

Of Crescentia's southern island, Kyoshin, The Saviour was born to not well-known blacksmith, The Saviour was from humble origins. Eventually, he was discovered by the Kingdom of Valran as one of the chosen heroes, He took up basic sword-fighting training with the soldiers of the Kingdom. Later he developed his own sword style, naming it after himself, and eventually founded his own school. He later became known as the man who was strongest with the sword. His style was unrivaled among sword users, and many people began flocking to him in order to learn his style. He later became a key figure in the war against the Giants, gifted the "Authority of Will" by Aberon, arguably one of the most powerful of the authorities.

One of the few users of Ki in Crescentia at the time, he was given a special mobile weapon, different from the Masouki that were commonly used. The SF-01 Yamato used a prototype Ki extractor, allowing users of Ki to unleash their full potential and beyond when piloting a mobile weapon. The Yamato allowed the Saviour to unlease his full potential, and eventually played a large role in defeating the giants.

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