Where Heroes Are Made (LKE, Open)

Jun 28, 2018
"Boreas now arriving on site sir."

Sir Richard glanced to the twin on comms, "And?"

"Still unable to raise a signal. Dimensional interference looks to be too thick for a confirmation, though."

Glancing to the other twin, he inquired, "Telemetry?"

"Just coming in now sir," came Vanessa's steely reply. A few moments of tense silence ticked past before she continued. "Seems to be a direct hit right through the command center. No life signs from the chamber or immediate vicinity. Still trying to survey the residential areas, but they'd have to get closer to cut through the ambient distortions."

Sir Richard's eyes met the floor in thought, and lingered there for much of his rumination. At length, Virgil broke the silence again.

"Your orders, Captain."

".... have the Boreas circle back. Get the Notus to climb, bring everyone to the same level. If we're going to have to fight that thing we'll need every gun we can field. Damn... I didn't want to have to pull out all our trump cards so soon."

Outside, the Sapphiard, Gunleon, and Axio would presently find the vessel beneath their feet turning and starting to slowly ascend, drifting up to the altitude the Fenossa was cruising at. The trajectory of both vessels was an inexorable advance toward the fray. Gripping the armrests of his chair, Dougal the Brown set his jaw, and looked to the display ahead.

"Forward, one quarter. All weapons open, all cannons on standby. If it comes down to it, we'll throw every last thing this ship has at that beast or at least occupy it long enough for reinforcements to arrive. With a lightshow like that, I hope there's someone willing to come see what's- ... that?"


The captain squinted at a faint glimmer in one corner of the moonscape ahead of them. At this further direction, a series of insets zoomed and zoomed again, enlarging and enhancing the motes of light in the distance to the best of their ability...



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Jun 15, 2018
"Sir Khan. Please... hear my request."

The Super Robot's hand closed about the Axio's own - albeit, gently, for fear of crushing the small machine in its grip.

"Exeter wasn't always a House of ill repute."

Overhead, the Gale Tyran cast its glimmering storm, casting the three machines below in a kaleidoscopic light - like a flowing, Lunar Borealis. William's tone was... somber, and weak... But unbowed, and serious. Though clearly in unspeakable pain... He pressed on.

"Once... We were proud, and strong. We did not shun outsiders, nor shall we ever, for we always believed that merit - not blood... nor prestige - was the true measure of an individual's worth.

Despised as we were... as we are... Never shall we stray from that noble principle."

He paused, breathing ragged, as the Sapphiard appraised Mel with its own steely gaze.

"You... have served us with distinction... and brought honor to our name. Though you are an outsider... You are brave, noble, and fair in your dealings." - Sir Exeter gave a coarse, halting laugh - "Moreso... Even than I."

Once more, he lapsed into silence... but, time was running short.

"...Thus..." He said, the Sapphiard gripping the Axio's arm tight... and then, he began to speak, in a familiar, ceremonial cadence - one that Mel would have only ever heard once before, when he was initially inducted into their order.

"By the grace of the Lady,
by sword and pen,
I ordain thee...
Lord Khan of House Exeter.

A bestowal rite. All those who heard it... Would understand its meaning. As of that moment... Sir William had passed his duties, and title... Onto the humble Mel Khan. Circumstances being what they were, perhaps such a thing was unavoidable.

"May your reign be long... and prosperous."


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Sep 10, 2018
Nothing else happened in the eyes of the Axio's pilot, he didn't perceive anything else rather than Sir Exeter's words, he didn't even notice how the battleship was lifting them into the air along with their companions. Undoubtedly, from this moment onwards, he would be recognized as the new Lord of Exeter with the responsibilities that titles carries with it.

It truly was the greatest acknowledgement he has had since his arrival at the Lunar Kingdom, with the title that Sir Exeter was giving him, he could truly keep improving himself and helping to improve the world and the Moon. It was his moment, the moment he had awaited for, someone to recognize all of his efforts.

He firmly grabbed the Sapphiard's hand that was with him, with tears of emotion flooding from his eyes and the Axio's main cameras (although in that case it may be because of an oil leak due to the stress it had suffered through the battle). "I, Sir Mel Khan, hereby accept the title of Lord of Exeter. I shall honor the House of Exeter." said Mel, even though there was a rain of rainbow death coming to him. At this moment, he wanted to stay by Sir Exeter's side, ready to fight in its name.