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    Deus ex Machina: The Pantheon System

    Iniitalizing Quantum Database Inquiry... Done. Synthesizing... Done.
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    Skyfire Dance (Bio, Kujo, Tyr)

    "Fanatics have their dreams, wherewith they weave A paradise for a sect; the savage too From forth the loftiest fashion of his sleep Guesses at Heaven; pity these have not Trac'd upon vellum or wild Indian leaf The shadows of melodious utterance." -John Keats, "The Fall of Hyperion"...
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    Rescued from Pastebin Hell and Updated - Ze'ev Yarad

    Name: Ze'ev Yarad Age: >1 Year Gender: Male Height: 6'1 Weight: 141lbs Eye Color: Blue Hair Color: Grey Ethnicity: Uncertain, possibly Israeli descent Appearance: Other Information: Sphere Reactor of the Dreaming Twin Fishes, An artificial construct fashioned by Shurouga. Biography: In a...
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    Birthright (Pulse)

    September 10th High Security Asteroid Datacenter & Research Facility "Charon" 4:00 PM Funny how, even for a ruler, there were parts of his domain that were shrouded, and dark. "Charon" had been the Directory's spacefaring Fort Knox - a research facility and military fortress that had...
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    Cape Et d'Epée (Closed)

    Bunker 48 Factory Area September 4th, OE 102 8:18 PM "Well, if it isn't Alan. To what do I owe the unexpected pleasure?" Thane Ashford's voice echoed through the interior of his "home", the warehouse-like interior littered with his modern-art furniture seeming to almost shrink before its...
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    Thus Spake Ze'ev (Sess)

    August 28th West Siberian Plain Late Afternoon, six hours after "Prelude to Singspiel" "C-aw!" The rubble left in the wake of Shiseiten's death - not to mention the colossal corpse of the creature itself had become a carrion feeding frenzy. Flecks of black riddled a clouded sky, so thickly...
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    Solve for R (MK)

    August 30th, OE 102 Depths of the Cydonia Trench, Unexplored Zone 4:18 PM Local Mars Time Falling. Falling down, down down. The Getviewm's hand, reassuring as an angel's, swept out beneath her as she fell, shielding her body from the debris - but it seemed X's work had been done. The...
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    The Undefined Variable (MK)

    August 30th, OE 102 Mars Atmosphere Descent "Cydonia. That's where you'll find what you're looking for." Those were the words spoken by the Database, the artificial beings who seemed to be the first to fully grasp who, or rather what she really was. The great "Face on Mars", it had once been...
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    SRW Ignition Secret Santa 2021!

    Trees. Carols. Presents. Giant battleships with drills on them. Oh yeah. It's Christmas time. That means it's time for the annual SRW Ignition Secret Santa! If you're interested, here's the rules and guidelines: What are the limits? Gifts should range from $25 ~ $70 dollars total, not...
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    Dark Tidings (MK)

    August 28th The Crystal Forest 7:18 PM The ever-encroaching halls of the Crystal Forest, as it had come to be called, were characteristically quiet. None of the organisms that had, in the wake of the eruption of Dimensional Power that had transformed it, which called it home, were stirring -...
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    SRWI2: Licensed Edition Suggestions

    Submit your three licensed series suggestions here, as well as any other helpful setting related information.
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    Crown of Nettles (Theo)

    August 27th, OE 102 Artemis Outskirts Reconstruction Area 42C 10:18 PM STD Hope. That was the word on Queen Selene's lips, what she had sought to spread across all of Luna. The Kingdom was gone, but Endymion endured. Lunarian and Terran hands alike worked to rebuild, slowly but surely, what...
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    Rain (MK & Pulse)

    September 7th, OE 102 Bern, Switzerland Jericho Faction Advanced Forces Temporary Camp Outskirts 8:18 PM So far, so good. As the Jericho Faction had made its way north in parallel with the efforts of its equally ambitious Lunar-sympathizing rival in the east, there had been surprisingly...
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    Prelude to Singspiel (Endymion)

    August 28th Armored Train "Pelegri" West Siberian Plain En route to Germany The rattling of the traincar around them would have made anyone a little nauseous, but after a little while? It wasn't so bad. It was definitely a far sight better than the rattling the orbital forces were taking, so...
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    Sparking the Broken Flame (Verus)

    September 18th, OE 102 Citadel City, Perindor Perindor Citadel Garden The hour was late. A cool breeze filtered through the gardens of Perindor, past the bridge, the only sound being the distant hooting of owls, the chirping of crickets, and the gentle babble of a stream. A man sat cross...
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    Homecoming (Closed)

    September 1st, OE 102 Prosperity Outskirts 3:18 PM It hadn't changed at all. The wind rustled her hair, dust lapping at the end of her boots as Eris Pseudea moved past the creaky, wooden gate. The mid-day sun hung over the ranch, located just outside of Prosperity. Behind her, the gangly...
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    The Stowaway (Jade, Bio)

    UE ??? Time: Unknown The Center of the Universe (?) A sea of faces, all of them like her own, all standing to attention. Observers, doing what they - what she - had been designed for: recording, cataloguing, inspecting. A sphere of jet black in a sea of white. That was what her "eyes"...
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    Live Alive (Verus, MK)

    August 28th, OE 102 Mars Airspace En route to Deimos Five days of silence had reigned across the communications array of the Valstork in its lonely mission as it crested the void, like a silver arrow cast from the blue planet in defiance of the red. Not a soul had passed them on the way back...
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    Arts and Crafts (Galina)

    August 28th, OE 102 Bunker 48 Factory Area Residence of Exiled Former Lord Thane Ashford 9:09 PM It could hardly be called the executive suite. As the artificial evening settled in among the Colonies, at least one area remained quiet in comparison to the ceaseless, factorial churning of its...