1000 Posts Celebration! Axio Design Contest.


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Jun 14, 2018

Submit your Axio Designs here!


- The design must be based on the humble Axio of Super Robot Wars Z2 fame.

- Customs are to be submitted using the standard Mobile Weapon design template, as provided below.

- Entries will be judged based on Originality, Attention to Detail, and "Axio Spirit" on a scale of one to ten, by a panel of the moderating team.

- Entries are to be submitted by January 14th for consideration.

- Extra points will be afforded for custom lineart, models, and additional media of any kind depicting the glory of the Axio.


Model Number: AMW-07M
Code Name: Axio
Height: 18.2 meters
Weight: 84.5 meters
Power Source: Plasma Battery
Armor Material: Standard Reinforced Titanium
Assault Rifle, Rocket Launcher


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Jun 14, 2018
Model Number: AMW-07P
Code Name: Axio Patrol
Height: 18.4 meters
Weight: 62.7 tons
Power Source: Plasma Battery
Armor Material: Reinforced plastics, titanium around cockpit.

Lights - Police lights mounted on the shoulders. Supplemented by a siren that uses the Axio's standard audio systems.
Adhesive Solvent - Pressurized spray guns built into the forearms. Dissolves the Adhesive Launcher's projectile, allowing easier confiscation of evidence. Additional canisters are stored within the Storage Pods.
TS/5 Tower Shield - Large plate of reinforced titanium, able to cover the Axio's entire body while in use. Standard procedure has it used by one officer while another fires from behind it. Typically carried by hand, as its size makes storing it prohibitive.
Storage Pod - Storage for spare munitions built into the shoulders. Resistant to impacts and able to contain ammo detonations, but unable to store as much as their size would suggest because of this.

AS-LLD02 EM Prod - Baton designed to disable components without causing injury to pilots. Contact allows diodes to apply a directed electromagnetic pulse to the target, disorienting humans and causing severe damage to Mobile Weapon systems. Collapsible, and typically stored in the right storage pod.
AWL-07/T Adhesive Launcher - Standard Rocket Launcher with a shortened barrel, loaded with adhesive training shells and painted blue to reduce the risk of loading live rounds. The projectile becomes an elastic gel when fired, and quickly solidifies after impact, preventing joints from moving and disrupting balance. In most environments, the residue will harden in well under a quarter of a second. As it is nearly identical to the military version, the same waist hardpoint is used to carry it, while ammunition is stored in the left shoulder.
DA41 Beam Pistol - Directory beam gun. Because the Axio Patrol uses a Plasma Battery, the power drain can lead to a forced shutdown. Has been replaced by most users, as the beam risks detonating ammunition, weapons, and reactors.
M55S Drake - Large-caliber semiautomatic handgun equipped with a magnifiable sight, designed to compete against the G-Revolver. Rarely issued with additional magazines, as its eight round capacity is considered excessive in most situations. Typically holstered within the right shoulder, along with any reserve magazines.

A modification of the Axio frame introduced in OE-0073 for sale to law enforcement organizations, the Axio Patrol has become one of the most prominent civilian Mobile Weapons across Earth. Compared to the base model, the Patrol is seemingly poorly suited to combat; its plastic armor can do little more than prevent dust and debris from entering internal components, and its primary weaponry has limited ammunition. Against other civilian equipment, however, its light weight and less-lethal armaments allow it to engage and subdue suspects with a minimal risk to their lives, while evading any damaging blows with unexpected ease. This has even allowed the Patrol to hold its own against military grade Mobile Weapons, most prominently in OE-0081, in the city of Edmonton.

As citizens of Edmonton protested the zoning of one of the city's few remaining parks for commercial use, an unmarked, heavily armed Gespenst assaulted a decrepit warehouse, from which another seemingly unarmed Gespenst emerged; this would later be identified as having been modified for Psychodriver use. A squad of Axio Patrols arrived on scene shortly after, and engaged both Mobile Weapons after being fired upon. During the ensuing three-way firefight, the police units were initially ignored by both perpetrators, each prioritizing the other and only occasionally retaliating against the inferior machines. This would prove to be a mistake; the squad was able to flank the Gespensts and subdue them before military forces arrived, though the attacking Gespenst was scuttled and its pilot was able to disappear into the panicking crowds. The unarmed Gespenst and its pilot were captured by Terra Sentinel personnel, who took command of the investigation from the Edmonton Police Department immediately after their arrival. The incident ultimately ended with only minor injuries, and several religious and charity organizations collaborating to assist those whose homes were destroyed.