1000 Posts Celebration!: The First Halcyon Duelist's Cup


Staff member
Jun 14, 2018

- The Halcyon Cup is a contest to determine the Ultimate Duelist - the most peerless fighter around. The winner will earn a unique Discord title, as well as a forum trophy/title that displays their achievement - until the next milestone, when they will need to defend their title.

- Duels made during the cup aren't limited to series featured in Super Robot Wars - they should showcase the writing skills and interests of the participants. As such, a broad variety of scenarios are possible, limited only to the imagination of those writing it.

- The participation time is one week from the issuance of this post (Jan 14, 2019) . Duels may continue after that, but they will be judged based on what progress has been made by that point.

- Judges will grade based on quality of writing, technique, and sportsmanship, each on a scale of one to ten, with the judges being selected from the moderating staff.

- There are no limits to how many duels you may be in for the duration of the contest period.

To get started, simply begin the thread with your chosen opponent in Chaos Cosmos. Matches may be arranged in this thread, if desired.