A Single Pale Clover

Feb 22, 2019
Name: Sofie Dylandy
Age: 16
Gender: Female
Height: 6'0"
Weight: 162 lb
Eye Color: Pale Green
Hair Color: Brown with reddish hues ; cut short, angular.
Ethnicity: Irish
Appearance: (image to come)
Other Information:
Hobbies: painting, sewing, reading, collecting crystals that remind her of home
Likes: quiet hillsides, music with headphones, archery, girls, rain, savory foods, cats, being high up, checkers
Dislikes: loud people, spiders, sweet food, dentists

Biography: Sofie was orphaned at a young age of 8 years old, having lost her two older brothers and parents. She had to live on the streets, find food and shelter where she could, when she could, often resorting to pick pocketing for money or goods if she could find a host to not notice her lithe hands. She was found by a young man at age 9 and was taken in, like a stray, to stay with him and his partner.

Sofie at first was withdrawn, eating any food that was given to her, but not quite opening up and talking to James and company; not that she wasn't grateful for the warm food, warm bed and shelter, just distrusting after being alone so long, especially after seeing her brothers' death. She was too young to have seen her parents' death, as they died shortly after her 2nd birthday. Life with James and company was welcoming, warm and educational, and she eventually opened up a year after being taken in, when on her 10th birthday, she had wished for a family.

The young Irish girl had a wonderful personality around those she grew close to, warm, smiling, caring and had learned a thing or two of some naughty words thanks to her adopted family. She much preferred to be at home than to go out again, reading books, manuals and tinkering with basic tech repair with Merida. Not a complete shut in, of course, as she did enjoy going out to a hillside and sitting under the tree to listen to the breeze whistle through. She learned quick to not eat any food Enfield had prepared, no matter what, after some pancakes gone very very wrong.

The world was ending and it was taking its toll on Sofie, because all she could was just watch as it burned down around her; the life she so desperately wanted, the home she had grown to love.. she felt it was her brothers' deaths all over again and it hurt her to her core, but she knew something had to be done about it. Scared and shaking, she hopped aboard her Flyer..

Mobile Weapon: Excellence Flyer

Affiliation: Lunar Kingdom of Everglory

Combat Style: Ranged
Combat Theme: Knight of the Goddess

After being taken in by James and Enfield, Sofie underwent training for fend for herself; hand to hand combat training with Merida, including a bit of wrestling, how to properly wield weaponry from James, basic tech repair with Merida, and so forth. Sofie is a brilliant young mind, so she took quickly to learning and developed a photographic memory of every manual she read, every book she read, never forgetting a single letter. She plays the long game, preferring distance in her combat, watching from afar and targeting where her target would end up at and making the perfect shot. Due to her youth of being on the streets alone for a year, she has become a capable pickpocket. Which can go awry if caught.

Despite her rough regimen of close hand to hand combat, she's definitely slower, as she can't take the time to calculate movements as she would with ranged attacks; but that doesn't mean she won't go down without a fight.
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