Adachi and Gunleon KAI

Aug 4, 2018
Name: Adachi Yoshida
Age: 18
Gender: Male
Height: 170 cm
Weight: 127.868 lbs
Eye Color: Blue
Hair Color: Silver
Ethnicity: Lunarian
Appearance: 125149806.jpg
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Other Information:
Genetic type: Human
Occupation: Mechanic
Hobbies: Tinkering with mobile weapons and playing guitar
Likes: Coffee, Mobile Weapons, Stargazing
Dislikes: Green tea, Egotistical people, Ghosts (Childhood trauma)

Born and raised within the Lunar Kingdom. Adachi spent most of his life with his father and little sister running their Junk shop. Adachi spent his time tinkering and repairing machines that come in to the store and test piloting a unit that his father was building making him grow a sort of attachment towards mobile weapons while also spending time with his little sister Naomi whenever he can.

It took some time but their father finally completed the unit he was building and handed it over to Adachi to use. It was a repair unit with a... questionably large wrench. But the machine really helped them improve their work with it's impressive repair abilities and size making it easier to repair larger machines that came into the shop.

Little did they know... Their father didn't build that machine for the sole purpose of improving their Junk Shop. This machine was the very reason he stepped down from his position as a scientist. And handing it over to Adachi was the perfect way for him to observe the power source of the machine. The Sphere of the Wounded Lion...

Affiliation: Lunar Kingdom of Everglory

Code Name: Gunleon KAI
Manufacturer: Dr. Hikari Yoshida
Operator: Adachi Yoshida
Power Source: Sphere of the Wounded Lion
Height: 43.4 meters
165.3 metric tons
Wings (Magna mode)
Armament: Decker Spanner x 2 (can combine into a nunchuck), Nail gun x 2, Chain Decutter x 2, Giant Wrench x 1
Equipment: Magna mode transformation, Repair Module
Finishing Moves:

Burning Pain Shouter

Heat Crusher Combo


Dr. Hikari Yoshida, an esteemed scientist of the Lunar Kingdom who has an obsession with the power of Spheres ever since he discovered one within the remains of what looked like a destroyed Colony. There he discovered the Sphere within the deep reaches of a crumbling laboratory along with some research material about it. The more he read the more his curiosity grew. That's when he found the blue prints for a mobile weapon dubbed "Project GUNLEON". Learning that the machine was designed to harness the power of the Sphere he took the Sphere and the Blue prints back to his lab.

He quickly understood that if the higher ups were ever to hear word of this discovery they would take away his only chance of discovering a new type of power. Therefore in order to avoid that he stepped down from his position and started a Junk Shop in order to avoid suspicion.

Dr. Yoshida dedicated his life into building this machine quickly and effectively. He wanted to see it. He needed to see it. This new power that he discovered come to fruition. He built the "Gunleon KAI" with an appearance of a repair unit and kept it's true form hidden to avoid any sort of suspicion or meddling from the military. And he also had the perfect test subject who would make it all possible. His son "Adachi Yoshida".

Combat style: Brawler

Strengths: Adachi fights with no hesitation and isn't afraid about long or close range combat. He is a well rounded fighter/pilot and has the knowledge of the inner workings of most mobile weapons through his experience working in his family's Junk Shop allowing him to quickly pin point his enemy's weaknesses and capitalize on them effectively.

Weaknesses: Adachi has no combat experience. While it's true he spent most of his life repairing and tinkering with machines and his knowledge of mobile weapons is vast. He has never fought in one. Which leaves him at a disadvantage when it comes to fighting a veteran or any trained pilot with a unit equal to or stronger than his.

Combat themes:

Normal mode combat theme

Magna mode combat theme