An'hotep Heryshaf, The Great, First of His Name


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Jul 13, 2019
Name: An'hotep Heryshaf The Great
Age: Looks around 35, lifespan artificially extended
Gender: Male
Height: 6' 10"
Weight: 220 lbs
Eye Color: Green
Hair Color: Red
Ethnicity: Looks Egyptian
Appearance: The Great Heryshaf, His space helmet, and The Royal Finery, worn with the Stonework Converger

Other Information: Heryshaf is a wizard, specializing in curses and the creation of golems. On top of this, prolonged exposure to Zyflud Crystals has given him a massively extended lifespan. A number of utility spells such as basic translation allow for day-to-day function in modern society. It's worth noting that while magic is his primary skillset, he's also a military man. He's more than capable of handling himself in melee combat and dealing with changing tactical situations. Having ruled as a king, he's got a decent grasp of law and infrastructure- though it's a few millennia out of date. Of course, he's also become accustomed to the finer things in life, and will never settle for substandard work or products.

Long ago, in a distant cluster of stars, Heryshaf The Great was a lieutenant in a great cosmic civilization. Part of the Great Circle, this society had a habit of hiding caches of technology and weapons in case of emergency- or future colonization efforts. The latter was the case for a sytem with a yellow sun. The third and fourth planets were selected as prime targets, having fairly workable atmospheres. The third planet would require minimal terraforming- there was abundant plant and animal life. There were even rudiments of civilization there. Mars was selected to house some of the more dangerous equipment, which would be sealed up in a volcano. Meanwhile Earth would house a stockpile of fuel, alchemical reagents, and Zyflud Crystals that would be sealed in a valley in the desert. Of course, that was when a certain red-headed sergeant spoke up. "Are you kidding me?! How long until these savages nuke themselves or transmute their planet's crust into acid?"

Speaking out of turn had been a mistake for Heryshaf's military career. For his concern over the natives, he was "promoted" and given a new station on the planet to make sure the humans didn't go digging through the caches. It was long, and boring, being stationed in his bunker under the sands and left to scare off the humans. Thankfully, he was able to offload most of the actual work to golems he made from the local sandstone. The years went by, each growing more boring. After 15 years with no contact from Central Command, he threw up his hands and decided to hassle the native wildlife. Grabbing a gun, he went on a hunting excursion. He bagged a few largish river-lizards, a welcome change from his diet of protein gruel and algae. Upon returning to base, he discovered cowering humans, beaten, starving, and bruised. Overcome by the tremendous awkwardness of the situation, he did his best to ask what was wrong.

As near as he could tell, a neighboring tribe had attacked them and stolen their women and children. The people begged him for help, and so he sighed in defeat and set to digging out his mech. He left several natives mystified at the golem as he dashed off, wanting to get the humans off his lawn so he could cook his meat. It was a simple victory- a few men with spears and large reptilian monsters against a large golem made of sandstone and advanced space magic. The women and children were returned, and he was ready to head back into the base and start cooking. He was surprised when the local humans named him their king, offering him a large seat and several beautiful women. After all the time without contact from Centcom, he decided to create his own civilization. One with blackjack, hookers, and the towering pyramids of his homeworld. While they weren't the giant storage facilities stroke residential complexes of back home, their use as tombs was pretty inventive.

He ruled the Nile Valley as Pharaoh for over 200 years, before deciding to take a brief rest. He sealed himself within Maximummy, re-configuring it into a large tomb. He placed himself into a deep slumber, though his subjects took this to be his eternal rest. On the great stone door of the tomb, they carved an inscription. Deep in the Valley of Kings, lost amid the desert sands, it reads:

Behold, The Tomb of Great Heryshaf
Conqueror of the Nile Valley And its Environs
Child of the Evening Sky and Blazing Sun
He who Commands the Stones to Walk
Those who Trespass Shall Know His Wrath

Mobile Weapon: Supremacy Shabti, Maximummy

Affiliation: Starseeker Combine

Combat Style: Relentless
Strengths: He's able to rework MaxiMummy's weapons and cast spells through its body. Despite the golem's tremendous size, it mimics his practiced movements with 1:1 accuracy.
Weaknesses: Massive ego, party animal, and a womanizer. Additionally, while it has incredible defense and agility, MaxiMummy is still a very large target.


Model Number: SG-45, Supremacy Shabti
Code Name: The Lord of Graves, MaxiMummy
Manufacturer: Ancient Egyptians
Operator: Heryshaf
Power Source: Heka Converters- pyramid shaped mystical devices that amplify MaxiMummy's animating magic.
Armor Material: Zyflud Crystals mixed in with Sandstone
Height: 50 Meters
Weight: 90,000 tons
Propulsion: Releases huge sandblasts to fly around.
Armament: HexCalibur, a massive sword made of stone and Zyflud Crystals. It can turn into a smaller stone golem shaped like a cobra.

- Stonework Converge: A set of mummy's bandages that, when worn by Heryshaf, cause Maximummy to emulate his movements.

Finishing Moves:
- Heka Hammer: Channeling magic into the Zyflud Crystals, MaxiMummy creates and fires a massive fist of pure crystal that subsequently explodes with arcane energy. [It's a Rocket Punch.]
- Curse of the Pharaoh: Casting a baleful rune on his opponent, they are set upon by scarabs, locusts, scorpions, and other vengeful creatures of the sands in such numbers that even the largest of units is inconvenienced.
- Pyramid Power: Reconfiguring MaxiMummy into the shape of an inverted pyramid, Maximummy drops onto an opponent with all its weight, aided by its sand thrusters.
- Sandstorm: Unleashing a powerful blast of sand from MaxiMummy's torso, this long-ranged attack literally sands off armor.

MaxiMummy, Guardian of the Nile Valley

Shabti were simple sand golems that were used by Heryshaf's homeworld in place of slave labor or servants. Tireless, requiring minimal upkeep, and silent, they were considered ideal employees. Servant Shabti are made to cook, clean, and guard their owners from unarmed intruders. Supremacy Shabti, such as MaxiMummy, are designed as both troop transport/housing and combat units that could be further upgraded. Although capable of a great deal of autonomy, they work best when directly controlled by a master of Heka- the magic of Heryshaf's homeworld that he taught to the Egyptians- via a Stonework Converge system.