Baron Doban, A Lunarian Defender

Aug 25, 2018
Name: Erina Doban
Eye Color:
Light Brown
Hair Color:
Dark Brown
Considers herself a Lunarian in spirit, though she is descended from Earth lineage.
Other Information: She is a human, through and through. Her only abnormal trait is her dedication to honor and pride.

Biography: Before she was a Doban, Erina's life was shackled by darkness. Inserted into a project she had no qualifications to be in, the girl had to watch in fear as her fellow experiments died horrifying deaths on the battlefield. The only reason she was spared the same fate the Directory forced upon the other experiments in her project was simple: she failed her final test and killed the partner she was with. Crash-landing the ship in a neutral station, the young woman fled the scene and ran to the only nation that wasn't under the scrutiny of the Directory: the Moon and the Lunarians.

Considered a lower being and unfit to dwell there, the woman was met by resistance and distaste by the nobles and ancient clans dwelling there. It wasn't until an old, loud man dragged her from the alley she called home that Erina found a new purpose. This old man wore a grin and had a laugh that echoed through the streets, as he declared she was a find worth more than any number of riches. She soon discovered he was an aging Baron, with no heir to call his own. The Doban bloodline would soon close the final page on its seasoned legend, unless he found an heir willing to don the name and mantle. Many Lunarians had volunteered, but the old man had seen the evil under their open smiles and generous offers. Baron Doban, though old, wasn't a fool; any Lunarian would immediately discard the family name and retake the powerful machine his family had spent lifetimes honing.

He made the woman a simple offer: take on the lofty name of Doban and don the mantle of a hero. A straightforward deal, with only one outcome: she would become the next Baron Doban, the Wrecking Ball of Justice and Pride...or live out her days in fear, wallowing in the shadows and waiting for her past to catch her.

The woman readily agreed, taking the offer with the same level of pride the old man put into it.

Mobile Weapon: Bemi Doban

Affiliation: Lunarian

Combat Style: Crusher
Strengths: Erina's years of training under Baron Doban weren't wasted; her foundation of knowledge combined with the strength of the Bemi Doban makes her a monster on the battlefield. Her ability to manipulate momentum and grasp of centrifugal force makes her a force to be reckoned with
Weaknesses: Her greatest weakness is simple: her pride is her downfall. As the inheritor of the title Baron Doban, she refuses to turn her back on any opponent or enemy. She will challenge almost any pilot or strange unit to a honorable duel, and choose to fight by those rules even if the opponent violates them. She also obeys the orders from those placed over her to the point of nigh-suicide.

Model Number: Unknown
Code Name: Bemi Doban
Manufacturer: Unknown
Operator: Erina Doban
Power Source: Battleship-Grade Fusion Engine
Armor Material: Standard
Height: 45.5 Meters
Weight: 200 tons
Refurbished Plasma Thrusters
Armament: Giant Wrecking Ball
Equipment: None of Note
Finishing Moves: Doban Crash, Doban Hammer, and Doban Impact


History: This is a custom machine piloted by Baron Doban. It has been upgraded each generation by the Doban family, one of the twelve royal houses of the Balmar Empire. It's very good at melee combat, and has an extra large iron hammer. It was created 500 years ago, and it's the oldest machine that is still in use.