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Aug 4, 2018
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Name: Kathryn Marsh
Age: 19
Gender: F
Height: 5'8
Eye Color: Naturally blue. Left eye modified to be teal at the same time as the tattoo.
Hair Color: Teal
Ethnicity: Space
Appearance: Image linked due to size.
Other Information: Body has been extensively modified to improve reaction time and reflexes. Slightly weakened bone structure due to being born and raised in space.

Biography: Heiress to the "Coeus" corporation, one of the larger colonial companies and completely independent from the Directory. Their primary source of revenue is the VR engine "Joro", a full-sim VR system capable of simulating mechanized combat to levels almost never seen. The engine can also be used for less intensive purposes, and is used as the foundation for a variety of gaming and work-related software - all of whose developers pay significant license fees to them.

She didn't have the best relationship with her father or the various administrators at the company, resisting any and all attempts to turn her into a fitting heir to the corporation.

Her father, Geoffrey, had long held revolutionary leanings and used his profits to covertly fund resistance cells within the Colonies. Six months prior to the tragic collapse of L5 he began actively funneling funding into manufacturing of mobile weapons, forming a bootleg army around a soon-to-be constructed Valsion recreation. Due to the unusual cockpit style of the then-in-construction machine, a competition was held within one of Joro's various games to find a skilled pilot - with the winner being offered an all-expenses paid trip to their HQ and possibility of a permanent position. Once the eventual winner was found to be within the colonies a team was immediately sent to pick up and offer the winner their 'reward'...

Only to find Kathryn at a civilian VR cafe, having entered the competition under a pseudonym. After an impressively long argument with her father he eventually agreed to allow her to pilot the machine, although several conditions were imposed by him to ensure her safety. The pilot suit for her machine was converted into something akin to a suit of powered armour, in order to protect her both in and out of combat - and fitted with an artificial intelligence akin to a stupid android, in a vain attempt to keep her out of trouble.

Her safety thus assured, Kathryn was thrown into the battle for the colonies - to protect them from those who seek their destruction, and to reconnect with the other movements that shared her father's goal.

Mobile Weapon: Valsione

Affiliation: Colonies -> Starseeker Combine.

Combat Style: Almost like a dancer. She treats warfare like a game, and can be needlessly showy at times - especially if she thinks she's winning.
Strengths: Incredible situational awareness due to the dual-pilot system, with the AI monitoring blindspots and pushing emergency evasive measures when required.
Weaknesses: She's prone to overextending herself, and way too confident in her own fighting skills. It's possible to push the AI and pilot out of sync with a coordinated attack, as both can be tricked into taking the mech in different directions.

Model Number: VK-001
Code Name: Valsione Unit 01
Manufacturer: Lunar Kingdom of Everglory
Operator: Kathryn Marsh
Power Source: Dual Plasma Generators, Quantum Wave Engine (if approved by GEAR)
Weight:39.7tons (metric)
Propulsion: Tesla Drive
Armament: Divine Blade * 1, Mega Beam Cannon * 1, Psycho blaster * 1, Cross Smasher * 1
Equipment: Motion Tracking system, Valsion Full Armor Plating
Finishing Moves:

Psychoblaster - Tapping into the EOT at the core of the Valsione, a dozen balls of plasma are launched from the shoulderpads and begin rapidly spinning around the mech. Each ball detonates upon contact with a machine (enemy or otherwise), allowing for viable retaliation even when completely surrounded. Individual plasma balls can last about a minute before burning out.


Outer layer

Inner layer


The Valsion Kai program was originally conceived as an attempt to recreate the famous symbol of colonial resistance in a smaller and cheaper form, with mass-produced variants boosting morale while also providing the edge needed against Directory forces. Due to various restrictions on reproductions of the original Valsion, the job of designing and manufacturing the machine was outsourced to an associate on the moon.

This was a terrible mistake.

While the new machine - dubbed the Valsione by its creator - was able to capture the offensive capabilities and mechanical design of the Valsione without being caught or noticed by the Directory, that was mostly because nobody in their right mind would think of the Valsion at first glance. Second or third once it's explained to them, maybe, but not a chance before that. The mass-production project was shelved, but there had to be some use for their surprising new machine. The funding that was planned to be used to make extra Kai-types was instead used to create a unique set of weapons and armour for the Valsione, allowing it to somewhat ape the classic machine while still retaining the mobility that differentiated it from its predecessor.

Additional NPCs:

VKAI-1 - "Alex"

Armour reference

Valsion Kai Artificial Intelligence Unit One (Nicknamed 'Alex' by Kath once she was introduced in lieu of a real name) was originally created to work as a secondary pilot for the Valsion Kai units to assist in combat or if the pilot was incapacitated. After Kathryn's appointment as the Kai's pilot several additional purposes were added, allowing it to sync up with an on-foot series of powered armour to ensure her safety in hostile environments.

Alex's intelligence is about on par with the average military AI, with numerous tweaks and additions to the voice and 'personality' to make it seem more agreeable to humans. While 90% of the time it's just a voice in Kathryn's ear that is incapable of shutting up, in combat situations or when a threat to her life is detected it is permitted and capable of hijacking the suits motors to ensure her safety.

Geoffrey Marsh

Geoffrey is a somewhat well-known corporate investor, having taken a gamble with his family fortune by investing into the development team that created the first iteration of Joro. He publicly presents himself as a pacifist who avoids conflict in either political or military terms - surviving the Directory crackdown by publicly distancing himself from the resistance movement at the time.

The resulting crackdown, however.. crossed a great deal of personal lines. While he still refused to get directly involved in the colony-directory conflict, significant personal donations were made to charitable foundations that were believed to be connected to resistance movements. Nine months prior to L5's collapse he outright purchased a small manufacturing firm, who were retooled into production of the colony's traditional lion and cosmolion forces in preparation for the return of the 'Valsion Kai' he had funded.
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