Brick by Brick, Heart for Heart (Closed)


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Aug 19, 2018
August 28th
Endymion Territory
The Moon, Valeri Vendolius' estate
15:58 local time

The simple pleasures of luxury, the reflection of a mote of light of a fine red liquor as beyond the horizon lay albeit warped by three layers of glass another horizon. Wine, not blood, was the red surface that danced within the glass in his hand. It looked much like mars did from a faraway distance and to the untrained eye, the second horizon which touched the starry void beyond was Diana herself or in more direct terms the Moon.

A hundred thousand trials already visible from his perch, the individual impacts left by each dotted the cratered landscape before him. Each would have been cataclysmic to the civilization living there today were they allowed to reach the surface uncontested, every single impact spelling the tale of how this place was struck with enough force to wipe an entire settlement if not their civilization off of the modern map. Yet modern was the key word, for each of these trials had happened long ago when the land beneath their feet was young and space was younger. Chaotic, rambunctious.

The dinosaurs received the parting gift of that era, a last middle finger to a dominant species to show who was truly in charge of the inevitable. Large rocks in space. Only six months ago did humanity at large receive a reminder of things far beyond their control being able to wreak havoc much better than they could elect to. That, was a sight of red made of blood instead of wine and despite looking exactly the same, the sight out of this window had changed in the meanwhile.

Endymion... Perhaps calling the horizon Diana was wrong, yet Selene remains an already taken name. A tale of love, both parties wishing to forever be with the other losing eternal glory for eternal love, quite the obvious contrast from the Greek tragedies they pried open for names and iconography. Yet the name they took is not from a tale of equal love, for Endymion rests eternally, unblinking, gazing at where Selene will be to visit him come night. Whereas Selene performs her duties still. That part of the myth, he could see in the modern reflection. That of a desire to be together, which ends in the man being utterly and completely dependent on the moon. Unable to feed or care for himself he looks upwards for salvation, and finds the moon gazing downwards enamored with appearances rather than contents. Three fingers pressed the side of his head as the man looked out over the moon's surface once more.

For all the love, for all the devotion. For every night that came and went, did Selene ever care about Endymion deeper than his skin? If so she would have surely released him from the purgatory of sleep she consigned him to, yet never did she do so. Perhaps that was her warning, the Selene of today that would be. To preserve the image there would be eternal slumber. Were it only so, that would be a preferable tale to what happened in front of his eyes. This was no tale of equal love, for this Selene was no more than the décor on the bow she was the face of Endymion alright. Both the entity and the man, how long would it be before she would only be preserved for appearances.

The second entity in the room began motion from a state of complete stillness, female but only in appearance. He could feel the two wine red dots it had for eyes aim themselves towards his head to make the expected declaration. The tone was simple, distinctly inhuman but coated just enough to sound pleasant. Such was the point as much as they kept his schedule running they served as living advertisements for the products he sold, the products his family made.
"Lord Vendolius, your 4 o'clock has arrived and is being guided to your study." He gave a simple motion, enough to tell his secretary to stand by the door.

One man entered, at his side one which could have been the sister of the secretary, in fact calling them such was not wrong. A little sister, six weeks younger yet from birth they looked the exact same. A highly sentimental way to look at a simple process yet sometimes he couldn't help himself, for all that was requested of their family by the wealthy, the self-righteous and those who were both there was a certain pride in seeing the reminder that the simply aesthetically pleasing semi-humanity was in fact not human and that those were in fact not novelty headphones over their ears.

His glass was raised in the space between seats, inviting the man over as beneath it stood another one.
"Welcome, lord Thallo." His tone was cordial, the aristocracy was being destroyed brick by brick by Selene, after Ashford's failed coup she had all the reason she needed to do so and with the statesmen from earth to fill the gap inevitably that word, 'lord' would be obsolete. Yet what would fill that void, with every last drop of Lunar resources pooled into the restoration of earth was not a new elite forming? Those who had risked less and kept their own during the events then still held those things now. They were simply fewer in number but in this realm where for the longest time money had held no meaning, that wall was beginning to be constructed with the bricks taken from the castle of lords.

Still the man had come here on business and not pleasure so such thoughts remained internal and so he continued. "Have a seat."