Bringer of Peace, Bringer of War


Nov 14, 2018
April 10th, OE102
Open Water, East of North America
Air Christmas

3:10 PM

A steady hum filled the interior of the Air Christmas broken by the occasional rapid click of a camera. The public press had been invited upon the Air Christmas for an exclusive occasion, though none fully new what was to be presented to them in just a few moments.

A sharply dressed tall man stood behind a stage curtain of the vessel's dedicated conference hall, his hands within his pockets. "Even with just this many people, I feel like I'm in over my head," he said to himself. "You'd think we could have just entered operations outright, I'm sure the people..." A woman's voice came from behind the man. "Sullivan says the people don't need another faceless empire." The man turned to see who called out to him, the woman continuing meanwhile. "They deserve to see who's claiming to come to save them. I've heard your speech enough times to know you feel the same way." The woman walked up to the man with a smile, the man taking a moment before relaxing and returning it before the woman reached up and straightened his tie. "Thank you, Athena."

With this, the man steeled himself and turned for the stage.

The hum subsided and gave rise to more clacks of shutters and a barrage of lights, culminating as the man reached the podium at center stage. A set of cameras at the back of the room swiveled to him and the technicians behind them gave the signal.

"Hello and good day to you all, people of the press, America, Earth, Luna, and the colonies."

"My name is Mars Φ Atroux. You may know me as former Assisstant Director of North America, however I come to you today simply as myself and speak on behalf of those who wish to do more for you than Direct."

The plain backdrop behind the speaker wiped a pattern across itself, revealing a bright image; this was met by more barrages of camera flashes.

"I speak to you today as a member of ENDYMION. Our goal is to aid this world- the unified nation of Humanity and all those who coexist. We seek to guide, not to lead- to shepherd, not to rule. There are forces within our midsts- knocking at our door that would undo us all; surely I needn't remind you, by now we have all seen the broadcast from three months ago- let alone the conflict at the lunar capitol. Doubtless some of you here and many of those viewing have bore witness and been effected by these entities. Indeed, this is not a matter of politics or creed; the forces we are faced with would destroy us with complete impunity."

"ENDYMION's mission is to defend the world from these terrible powers. However, as you can imagine this is no simple task for one organization; as such, we now humbly ask for the cooperation of any and all armed forces and governments across the earth sphere. If we do not rally together, there will no longer be a world to defend."

"Moving on, I'd like to speak now on the role that I myself have been assigned. The ultimate threats this world faces are indead great, but there are some that are lesser than the others; for such things, ENDYMION is more than capable of handling. ENDYMION seeks peace among the Earth and all those across the system, however as always there are those who wish no part in peace. There are a number of these sects and organizations across the system, but I shall speak mainly on the one today."

"Firstly, I must be frank. I must thank the man called Hyperion for upturning and revealing the dark forces in the Directory and otherwise and effectively allowing for the formation of our organization. However, under no circumstances do I condone the actions of him and those who follow him. I tell you, Hyperion is a short sighted and insular anarchist; he and his kind have done as much damage to the people of Earth and the former Directory as any of the monsters or spirits they have revealed. Terra Sentinel works not for the good of Earth, nor even the good of it's own people. To those who believe in their ideals or support their endeavors, I ask you this: Can you trust a man who claims to stand for truth and justice but continues to hide his face and obfuscate his deeds?"

"As a member of ENDYMION I say to you that as long as Terra Sentinel and other organizations of the like are suffered to continue operations, no progress can be made towards our ultimate goal of saving this world; as such we humbly ask for all of your cooperation on this front. And to the one who claims the name Hyperion,"

"You are X."

A torrent of camera flashes danced across the stage, casting Mars in a variety of shades as he thanked the room for coming and simply walked back off stage. All the while the reporters and journalists clamored for his attention and rapidly questioning him.

"Seek answers from my compatriots, there is much work to be done and I must be quick. "