Celebrating Year Five


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Jun 14, 2018
Aloha Ignation!

Time sure does fly.

Feels like just yesterday we were opening our doors. Now, five years later, we sit on the cusp of a combined to total of over eight thousand posts!

Not bad, for a niche of a niche of a niche!

Although our official anniversary isn't until June, March is when the first inklings of what SRWI would be crossed my mind, and I began to consider it in earnest.

On occasions like this, it's good to reflect on all we've accomplished the past few years: We weathered the pandemic, keeping traditions like April Fools and Secret Santa going strong; introduced the wildly successful Fate: Nulalius and our licensed series board, Super Robot Taisen: Eien, developed our very own artificial intelligence, Nine; and last but certainly not least: Crossed the threshold into the next exciting arc of our journey.

We've moved on to our second major arc, and with the appearance of the mysterious Werkbau, the malefic Perfectio and Dark Brain, all the while the Shura rampaging across the surface of Mars - the stakes have never been higher! Who is Chethan Sullivan? Does even a shred of good remain in the once noble Gail O'Brennan? What is the true face of the despotic Hyperion? All these questions and more stand to be answered in this latest exciting chapter,,,

And it's all thanks to you.

I'm both humbled and extraordinarily grateful to be able to work with such an immensely talented, tireless, and passionate community. Seriously, you guys are the best - being able to be part of your creative growth as writers has been nothing short of the experience of a lifetime, and I wouldn't trade it for anything in the world. It's because of your contributions that I can answer in kind - your energy gives me energy, and that is the most ideal of imaginable outcomes.

We take this chance, of course, to renew our commitment to you, our members, in continuing to provide the best roleplaying experience on the internet.

Even if we are scattered to the corners of the Earth, SRWI is - and always should be - a place where you can be among friends.

And that's a promise.


Your SRWI Admin

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