Closing Doors (Closed)

Aug 4, 2018
Somewhere in the UK
Xander returned to the surface with something of a spring in his step. The information in the archives below had granted him access to things no man was meant to know - and he intended to use them. All of them. His men seemed... shocked by his return, and were notably fewer in number.

"Captain, report. I hope you didn't make the news?"

"We have not - but frankly, it's not like anything we did could have. No papers down there, then?"

Xander narrowed his eyes at the man - beckoning him to continue.

"Well... the middle east is a wasteland, the colonies are in open revolt, and you've got about fifty missed calls and urgent messages. Some sort of giant monster blew up Belfast, so we pulled away a few men to help in relief efforts."

I come from a time where all was lost... Where the Vaura have scorched the land, and the stars have been wiped from the skies.

That made him blink. This many events in quick succession couldn't have been an accident - it had begun. Ze'ev's words echoed in his mind. It was the beginning of the end.

"Good call. But we're done here - tell everyone to pack up. I'm returning to the Earth cradle."

48 hours later

The Earth Cradle had closed.

It was a rather monumentous - and concerning - event. In fact it had done more than simply close. It had become sealed. A shimmering sphere of energy now covered the cradle, showing all characteristics of the archetypal 'warp field' - except for the matter of its size. Every inch of the structure was covered, a single checkpoint now the only way to even approach the cradle from outside.

If this didn't keep the Guardians out.. nothing would. And it left him time to go forward with his true plans. 'Save the Earth' was a long-term goal. Step one was becoming powerful enough to do so. Which left him with a rather simple course of action.

El Millennium.