Cold Hospitality

Aug 4, 2018
Somewhere in the UK
Antarctica, 1100 hours

Nobody had ever invaded one of the poles before. They'd never had to, admittedly. But the force currently bearing down on DARC bore all the hallmarks of an invasion. Three dozen mobile weapons and an assortment of other support craft had landed in Antarctica, setting up a base camp on one of the larger glaciers seemingly at random.

Five hours after their arrival, a transmission would be sent to the Directory Arctic Research Center.
Apologies for our intrusion, but Alkahest has discovered a site of scientific interest within one of the glaciers here. I will be arriving at your installation shortly with a small detachment to discuss our findings and offer you the chance to assist.

-Xander Digby.
True to his message, within half an hour five Mobile Weapons were on an approach course. Leading them was the Canis Altarf, with four Bergelmirs in a defensive formation around it. All five would stop just outside weapon range of the base, waiting for a formal confirmation before going into the site itself. After all, such a practice was only polite.
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Aug 25, 2018
DARC hadn't been idle during the five hours before Xander's message. The numerous turrets were primed on the direction of Alkahest's camp, and their Huckebeins were prepared for launch if the force proved to be a threat to them. This state lasted until the message was given, after which the readiness of the research station was reduced.

Perhaps it was strange that a research station was so heavily armed, but here in the middle of nowhere DAMON incursions were a daily occurrence. And while on the outside things calmed down, the insides of the facilities only got more hectic.

"Send the mooks away from sight, hide the Angeli, don't let them see them. Use the names your bodies used to have, if you don't have one or don't remember it grab one from random lists on the internet. Vapen, I want you to be our delegation to receive our esteemed guests. Be on your best behavior or I'll ground you for a week for every slip up." Huvud ordered his underlings through the loudspeakers.

Xander could've at least announced of his visit days before instead of hours, but no. That would clearly be too civil for the human CEO.

Huvud hated surprises like this. Still, even Vapen should be able to pass for a human for long enough as long as their guests did not tarry. Their secret should be safe.

"And absolutely no killing or threats unless I explicitly allow you to!" There was a need to be specific with the rabble he was stuck with.

At least if Viggen was here she could have helped him keep the rest of the Ruina in check. But he could curse his circumstances later, there was diplomacy to be done. It might even go well for once.

"An earlier announcement would've been preferrable but I welcome you nonetheless. DARC will warmly welcome you and your escort."

-Karl Persson, Head of Directory Arctic Research Center

Xander and his bodyguards didn't have to wait long until a lone Huckebein approached them. "James Brown, head of security here. I am your escort and guide for your stay here at DARC. Please, follow me." Vapen greeted them.
Aug 4, 2018
Somewhere in the UK
I myself only became aware of this particular find within the past few days, but that subject is not one to be discussed where it can be traced. I would strongly advise screening for the presence of changelings or non-humans within your facilities - they've recently gained a habit of appearing where you least expect them.
All four Bergelmirs spread out when the lone machine approached, as if anticipating some sort of attack. Curiously for bodyguards however, none of them seem concerned about defending their 'commander'.

"A pleasure, Mr. Brown. I hope you don't mind if I keep my bodyguards close by. While I trust you would not pose a danger to me..."

His usual smirk vanished, and was replaced by a frown. Something had clearly rattled him - this was not a side of Xander that was allowed to see the public eye under most circumstances. It was barely visible to the private eye, for that matter, but recent revelations had given him a new perception of the universe.

"Powerful forces are at work here."