Crown of Nettles (Theo)


Staff member
Jun 15, 2018
September 6th, OE 102
Artemis Outskirts
Reconstruction Area 42C
10:18 PM STD


That was the word on Queen Selene's lips, what she had sought to spread across all of Luna. The Kingdom was gone, but Endymion endured. Lunarian and Terran hands alike worked to rebuild, slowly but surely, what had been robbed from them. Half formed skeletal structures littered the inside of a half-repaired dome, the sunlight overhead gleaming off piles of raw materials, girders, and resting construction equipment.




They would rebuild, bigger and better than ever. That was the promise she had made to them all, and the work that was taking place would have kept Adrian busy around the clock. The money, to say the least, would have been exceptional - but moreso the gratitude of the populace, whose smiling faces and sincere thanks would have warmed the heart of even the coldest of men.

Plip... plop...

Yet, some men were indeed cold. Not without good reason could anyone fall to such a state... but cold nontheless, like the frigid touch of winter's soul.

Concealed in shadow, an avian figure rested, nestled in a dark, half finished superstructure, two emerald eyes gleaming in the darkness. A long hand clutched at the sparking remains of an Axio... and let it drop, the civilian machine slowly falling to the floor. It watched for a moment, waiting for something. Sure enough, a distress signal pinged out... and taking its cue, the Shurouga melted back into the darkness.

All he needed to do now...

Was wait.