Dan Ookami James Caster - The Child of the Moon

May 3, 2020
Name: Dan Ookami James Caster
Sex: Male
Height: 1'92
Weight: 80kg
Eye color: Violet
Hair color:Brown
Ethnicity: Japanese (in terms of speech and customs)
Appearance: Other information: Dan is a great cook and a lover of plastic models, Dan weaned discrimination and war (but unfortunately has to kill to survive)

Biography: Born on December 7th, 2036 in the medical ship ''Duvalier'' as a Wolynx (a Wolf-Lynx hybrid), he spent a common childhood in spite of being discriminated for being an unrecognized hybrid until then, with only 9 years old and thanks to his fondness for anime, he started to prepare himself physically to be able to pilot a mobile weapon and when he was selected at 21 to pilot the Huckebein Gunner, a machine to be able to eliminate big squads or even big fleets, he went to earth to serve missions.

Mobile weapon:RTX-011AMG Huckebein MK-III Gunner.
Affiliation: The Directory
Combat style:Assault
Strengths: his courage, his speed in perceiving some presence (like an enemy unit), his good aim and reflexes thanks to the (machine)
Weaknesses: His love for life, his kindness and pacifism
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