Derrick Vance & The Black Angel


Aug 19, 2018
Name: Derrick Oswald Vance
Age: 26
Gender: Male
Height: 6’1”
Weight: 170 lbs
Eye Color: Purple (Actually blue, but uses contact lenses)
Hair Color: White
Ethnicity: Moonite

Other Information:
Genetic code:
Occupation: Scientist
Likes: Fame, Working, Being better than everyone else
Dislikes: Not knowing how something works, barbers, inquisitive people
Hobbies: Travelling, learning unique and maybe somewhat useless skills
Combat Theme

The Vance family, being among the first Lunar settlers, were set for life ten times over with the discovery of EOT and their research on it but it would seem they were always a bit too slow on their findings, only being able to confirm the theories of others and remaining unable to make a name for themselves. This pattern would repeat when they developed their own psychic powers and while they had worked tirelessly on making the T-Link system a reality, others had already succeeded and they only served as proof once again.
Due to this the family began to isolate itself more and more from the society on the moon, but even as generation after generation of Vance scientists worked on making a name for themselves they would never match the success of some of their peers and seemed doomed to become a footnote in the Over-Era’s history.
Derrick, much like his predecessors wanted to be put in the history books, and it seemed that he too was just a little bit too late with his findings to be recognized by the public.
But during a chance visit to a friend on earth in the winter of OE 98, a Russian who had become quite the name in the field of Alchemy, the young scientist would find his muse in the form of the god of creation, Gragios.
His friend, Zivon Nozdryov, explained to him that through communion with the god he had gained knowledge that shouldn’t have been discovered for another decade. There was skepticism of course, but after he was shown around Zivon’s workshop and saw the alchemical marvels there Derrick was more than convinced that with Gragios he could etch his and his family’s name into the history books.
For a while it went exactly as Derrick wanted, he gained insight into applications of EOT that no one had even considered, he was becoming known across the moon. Sure it came at the cost of his soul and he had to distance himself even from his family to not risk them catching onto his consorting with higher powers but he had all he wanted.
Then, when the time came to consort with Gragios again. The greatest knowledge was obtained at the greatest cost. It was time for Derrick to pay his debt to the god and for that purpose he had obtained the knowledge to construct a Black Angel as his steed to use in service of Everglory… For now.

Mobile Weapon: Astranagant

Affiliation: Cult of Gragios & Everglory

Combat Style: Overconfident
Strengths: Incredibly powerful personal trooper and given the exact knowledge on how to pilot it to bypass the issues a beginner would normally have.
Weaknesses: Easily wounded pride and a superiority complex make Derrick easily manipulated on the battlefield as well as predictable.

Model Number: AGX-15
Code Name: Astranagant, Black Angel
Manufacturer: Forbidden Knowledge of Gragios, Derrick Oswald Vance
Operator: Derrick Oswald Vance
Power Source: Quantum Wave Motion Engine
Armor Material: Zfluyd Crystal
Height: 40.7M
Weight: 187.9 Tons
Propulsion: Quantum Wave Motion Engine
Armament: Zfylud Orihalconium Sword x1, T-Link Feathers, Gun Familiar x2 (Stored on back), Photon Vulcan x2, Axion Cannon (Mounted on right hand)
Equipment: T-Link System, TK field, Tippler Cylinder

Finishing Moves: Attract Shower, Axion Cannon, Infinity Cylinder

The product of forbidden knowledge given by the god of creation Gragios, the Astranagant is alien in design both inside and outside. It was clearly designed with a psychodriver in mind as pilot due to the many uses of the built in T-Link System.
But even Derrick isn’t exactly sure how some of the machine’s systems operate or function.

So far he has been able to discern that the Zfluyd crystal gives the machine self regeneration properties, there are two drones in the wings of the machine which are controlled by using psychic powers and that the machine’s ultimate attack, the Infinity Cylinder, is not to be treated lightly and should not be used in any ordinary situation.
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