Devil's Moon -Notes and General story testing and archiving-

Dec 18, 2018
Because I'm an utter mess, here's where I'm posting whatever current "complete" backstory for a... Sidequest, I guess. Using the Granteed Dracodeus, and the Mukus (Albeit altered to further jive with the setting.)


Eons before the ES Wave, and the beginning of any planetary-wide governments still present in some fashion, there existed a craft, filled with the remnants of an advanced civilization. Unfortunately, as eons passed and the craft traveled, systems started bugging out and shutting down- The cold logic of whatever systems were left deemed that even the very passengers it had been built to safely transport were short shrift compared to the craft itself. Still, there was one remnant- A machine built to rival the Gods in its power, and with the ability to idiot proof anyone who could stumble inside.

As time passed, ships and debris came upon the wandering vessel, soon forming a phantom planet. Somehow, life had come to inhabit it- A plant-based lifeform called Recoral came to inhabit the surface, yet something was... For lack of a better word, changing them. They were becoming warlike, aggressive to the point that they could be called a species of warriors- The Mukus. Yet something about them couldn't be compared to a warrior- Despite how aggressive they were, they were mysteriously content to remain on that planet. Still, this... Something was enough to draw attention to whatever planet could scan energy and not get punched through- The very machine that was seemingly slumbering in the core. Only two systems seemed to be functional- Detecting whatever mass could be in front of the vessel within with the potential to destroy it, and the thrusters, letting it flee out of the path of anything that could destroy IT, if the vanguards known as the Mukus weren't enough, even with their near-infinite hordes.

As the ES Wave forced itself across the universe over a century ago, the planet, while still technically intact, had become a mere shadow of what it once was- Now, merely an object closer to the size of Earth's Moon, settling around the Starseeker Combine as it slowly travels towards the Earth Sphere. Yet the Mukus still remain on the surface. And the machine at the very center is still producing energy- It could be a boon to both historians and those willing to pay for whatever power source could last for so long. Large scale Humanoid weapons are the only thing to potentially survive on the surface- The Mukus tend to render anyone without the proper size or speed a wet splotch, and only the ones with the weaponry to properly kill one of the Mukus or speed to flee properly have made any real progress in terms of establishing any information on the Mukus.

Do you risk it all for the sake of potentially limitless energy?

-Notes and Comments-

Alright, with that utter mess of a synopsis out of the way, on to the Mukus. Start looking up Super Robot Wars Operation Extend Footage because I do not have pictures readily on hand.

The basic troop of Mukus is the Nekton, (lit. referring to swimming organisms)

Nekton Assault: Basic type, blue Nekton.
Nekton Creek: Red Nekton with a red organ underneath used for charging/ramming attacks.
Nekton Hauser: Has a large gun for sniping on the underside. Yellow Nekton.
Nekton Shooter: Green. Has two smaller guns on the underside for rapid fire.
Nekton Mine: Suicide mines.
Giga Nekton: Nekton that develop large bodies like arms or propellers that smack HARD, often attacking in tandem with smaller Nekton.
Giga Nekton Alpha: Raised Nekton with a pair of gigantic arms.
Giga Nekton Beta: Like the former, but red, and strengthened.
Giga Nekton Alpha Alpha: Streamlined fighter jet/mobile armor type.
Giga Nekton Beta Beta: Red, reinforced type.

Benthos Class: Giant Mukus organisms, battleship class. Name comes from “Benthic”

Benthos Cruiser Alpha: Slightly smaller type.
Benthos Carrier Alpha: Large type.
Benthos Carrier Beta: Red version of above.

Note: Some Psychodrivers have reported success with soothing Mukus, suggesting a hivemind of some fashion, but most that attempt it tend to become a red splotch.