Endgame: Iustitia Omnibus (Bio, Sess)


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Jun 15, 2018
February 8th, OE 102
2:50 PM DST
Lunar Orbit
Arm Stora Finis Class "Clementia" Bridge

High above Luna, far from the range of any sensor, a dark form loomed against the cosmos. The twin-horned silhouette of an Arm Stora Finis Class battleship hovered in the void, dark and silent, a mere observer in the goings-on below... For now.

On the bridge, it was an entirely different picture. Various holograms and infographs jostled for attention, trying to analyze every single thing that was going on. Without the help of Opus units, which it had turned out were unable to completely avoid detection, they had been forced into making use of the battleship's sensor arrays instead. Different voices spoke in rapid succession at great speed amidst the dizzying whirl of information.

"Status update on temporal shifts."
"It's over 14.83% above the standard deviation."
"A little too high for my tastes."
"Are you suggesting we should send in Scientia? Glass the whole surface?"
"We have an upper limit of 20% for a reason-."

On and on it went. Yet at the center of the mass, a lone figure watched, his arms folded. A sleek blue pilot suit covered his body, and a dark helmet that wrapped around his features, concealing them from view. That, he was grateful for - not only because the technology packed into its surface was cutting edge, even by his standards, but that it hid the disgust that was clear upon his features. Not even the residue of so-called "Super Civilizations", he thought, were safe from the dull chattering of bureaucrats.

"Feeling nostalgic, Virtus?" Asked a voice to his right. He didn't even look away,
"I know a loaded question when I hear it, Aristarch."

It was a blunt reply, but the hologram shrugged it off with a laugh. Intriguing, thought the masked man mildly, how these things even adopted human mannerisms to conceal their abhorrent nature.

"We selected you for your honesty. I am pleased to see you're adjusting well."

Virtus raised a hidden eyebrow, but said nothing further. He had his own doubts about this "arrangement"... but, it was what he "deserved". This... He knew, in the depths of his heart, to be true. Before the Aristarch could continue, there was the polite chime of a proximity alarm - more mild than any he'd heard previously, at least.

"Heat source approaching. Size and generator indicate it's the Lunarian Special, Giganscudo. Advised course of action: Interception."

The masked man immediately turned on his heel, beginning to make his way purposefully toward the hangar - but stopped, as the hologram called out to him.

"No hesitation, then?"
"...That is why I am here, isn't it?"
"Might I suggest the Valarm? It's about time someone put it through its paces-"

Virtus held up a weary hand, stopping the man in mid sentence, voice full of exasperation.

"Please." He said.

As the doors to the rear of the vessel slipped open, the "hangar" as it were was noticeably empty. After all, when you could simply transport whatever you needed in directly from the source, there was no need to keep machines on hand except in case of emergencies-

But, he was just a little... Old fashioned.

Standing in its own maintenance berth, massive, orbiting 3D-Printers putting the finishing touches on its gleaming, knightly form, was a figure that was unmistakable to any Lunarian, from its broad shoulder paldrons, to the heavy-set drill-lance held attentively between his hands. An imitation, admittedly, he thought... But it would suffice.

"Allow me to maintain some small measure of my humanity."​
Jun 14, 2018

'Approaching' was perhaps an overly gentle term for the way in which the Giganscudo hurtled through open space, alone and with all speed.

The Fure-class Indomitable was little more than a glimmer in the machine's rear scope, far out of sensor range and only visible by virtue of its prodigious size - and even then only if one were to consult a star chart and deduce which of the twinkling lights was out of place. Conversely Charles' own machine would have been difficult to miss based both on its own scale and viridian wake as it blazed through the vacuum. It was little wonder that the crew of the Clementia saw him long before he noticed their presence. In fact, there was no more than a matter of a second or two between the Special's sensors picking it up and the dark-hulled vessel flowing across his monitors as a shadowed smear.

A burst of thruster-fire spun the unit on its vertical axis with surprising nimbleness; the flare that burst from its back grew exponentially as engines ramped up to maximum power in a heroic attempt to summarily halt four hundred and eighty tons of Lunarian steel. Charles could feel the forces imparted by the high-gee maneuver clawing at his body, but the newly-installed Gravicon served to minimize their effect from posing a redout danger to a mild inconvenience.

But stop the Giganscudo did, albeit after some not-insignificant distance had passed between it and the ship. A communication on all frequencies snapped outward from the red-white-and-gold colossus...in concert with the opening of armored panels that concealed the many energy condensers the served to feed raw energy to its weapons. There was no veil over the threat being made. Charles didn't have time to play the gentleman.

"By the authority of the Grand Arbiter of Everglory, identify yourself and state your business in Lunarian space immediately!"

Based on the glow of power accumulating in the seams among its many-sectioned armor, there was little need to vocalize the unspoken 'or else'.


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Jun 15, 2018
As the Clementia drifted through space, it continued its activities unabated even with the approach of the Giganscudo... and the distant, leviathan form of Luna's premiere "Better-than-Earth's" battleship class, the cutting-edge Fure class.

"Identify myself? ...Ha ha ha ha ha ha!"

The transmission that clicked forth was on a distinctly familiar channel. Indeed, it was a Lunarian one - and just as swiftly, a form rocketed forth from the back of the Arm Stora, perching itself along the ship's back. The sloped shoulders, the gleaming, crystalline body, and the rigid posture could only be one thing.

The Diamd took its lance, the Gae Bolg, and drove its tip into the armor of the vessel, folding its hands about the hilt in a fashion directly lifted from Lunarian etiquette. The voice that issued forth was flecked with static and tinny to the ear, as though it had been run through a filter - but it was as an iron bar, once robust but worn by life to a biting, rusted edge.

"I am designated 'Virtus'." Said the Diamd's pilot dryly, the Ark Saber looking directly across into the eyes of the Giganscudo.

"I bear no noble title, no honors gird my name. I am the lordless servant of thoughtless, calculating machines."

The Diamd shook its head, as if in imitation of its pilot's sarcasm.

"But, fair Arbiter..."

There was a sapphire gleam in one of the noble machine's eyes, a glint of something... More.

"This pride of mine..." Continued the automaton; "That I have not yet been robbed of. A duel with the great Giganscudo..."

The lance was wrenched out from the hull of the vessel below, and leveled directly at Charles' head. Within the cockpit, beneath the mask... The man's pale features formed into a small smirk. Perhaps he'd be able to make the best of this situation after all.

"Perhaps that may make me feel something."

A flash of light, and the Diamd cannonballed off the roof of the Arm Stora Class, making a beeline directly for Charles position as the drill-like portions of its lance began to rotate, Dimensional Power flowing into it with rings of light that send waves of green showering across its knightly features...


Jun 14, 2018
The derisive laughter that echoed back at the Arbiter cut deep. But it was the form that emerged from the bowels of the Clementia that truly dug at the man, his eyes first widening momentarily in surprise before his brow furrowed and knuckles whitened on the controls. "What mockery is this?" The words crawled their way up from Charles' throat in an uncharacteristic growl; whether or not his opponent had intended his display of Lunar etiquette as a slight against the knight, such display of their aged customs by a self-professed nobody clearly had struck a nerve. His seeming possession of the Diamd was merely the bewildering cherry on an aggravation sundae.

"Loathe as I am to deny myself the chance to teach you your place," he continued in a tone no less gravelly, "I have no time to properly quash such an imitation knight." His desire ached to do nothing more than turn his back on this nameless fool and rush onward to the defense of his home and kingdom. Yet it seemed as though this man, who professed no name beyond a callsign, would deny him as much. And even in the hands of a rank amateur the Diamd was not a machine even he and the Giganscudo could ignore wholesale.

"So forgive me for ending this quickly!" There was a distinct click with the depression of the trigger under his left index finger. In a fraction of a moment the gathered energy that ensconced the Super condensed in a glowing orb and burst forth to meet the charging foe. The newly minted Giga Wide Blaster was closer to a weapon of war than one of knightly dueling, and so it was somehow fitting that its first firing in anger would be aimed at the destruction of such a false and meaningless individual.