Flowers That Grow On Scars (Gear)


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Aug 19, 2018
September 1st
Endymion Territory
The Moon, Artemis Palace

Three individuals approached the grand door, no that statement was incorrect. Though two may bear the appearance of individuals their appearance, the crest on their garb and most notably the giant 'earmuffs' worn by the two marked them as different. Identical twins, one ignorant of the products made by the Vendolius family could call them, technically this was closer as they were identical and they were twins but there were more than two of them and they were a lot more than two.

They were Covella model secretary androids, the latest in Personal Assistants. Designed before the incident early Febuary and since then having aided the Vendolius family manage the rebuilding effort as well as their schedules. During that time much and more had changed, Ashford's failed insurrection the restoration of much infrastructure after the destruction of more yet to be restored. That was without even mentioning the crisis on earth, of which there was a refugee flood going upwards into and beyond the atmosphere to be here on Luna.

The independence of Everglory had been lost, to both be the financial backbone as well as shelter of Endymion. A fate not dissimilar to being conquered one might believe, yet who was to say such a thing out loud? Not the man in front of his two assistants, their red hued gaze laying on the door before them while his greyed out eyes did much the same. Even when the incursion happened his family stayed out of the matters then, and such political statements benefitted them little. Whether he thought them was another matter, but not one for today. There however was a political matter to be discussed on this day, the rebuilding effort.

Simultaneously it was time to see if the Queen agreed to the line of logic that was to be presented. An inhale, he was expected and it would do poorly to be late, as well as present himself improperly. The two beings opened the door for him as he stepped through, one of the two remained behind as the other followed.
"Your highness." He spoke in formal tones, bowing as he presented himself to the royalty. The robotic addition to the room following what could be called 'proper protocol' at the same time. Remaining quiet and to the side as it too bowed to the regal figure. Like any other Personal Assistant it was there to take notes and be a collection of useful information to have at the ready. Unlike those of flesh and blood it required no tools for either.

"I've come to present the progress made on the restoration efforts." He continued, this was not the first of such meetings likely not the last either but the past months had been a busy time for every single institution on the moon. Theirs was no exception but certainly one more tailored to the civil recovery effort than the knights or soldiers that also visited the palace. One aided by the fact that unlike some of the other options available at the time, the metaphorical hat had not been thrown in the equally metaphorical ring during aforementioned incursion.