Frederick Emmerich

Jul 22, 2019
Name: Frederick Emmerich
Age: 20
Gender: Male
Height: 180 cm
Weight: 60 kg
Eye Color: Brown
Hair Color: Brown
Ethnicity: Caucasian

Other Information:
There is no pessimist outlook in his life, even at the face of danger. He is commonly cheerful and has a quirk for jokes and black comedy, but still very loyal to others even if they ostracize him. Don't misunderstand; he still disregards the life of enemies who threaten the existence of his loved ones, and in such cases, he has a liking for cracking sarcastic remarks or lame puns to provoke his enemies. Deep down, he is depressed and cynical about the status of the world, and also paranoid about everyone around him.

Being extremely intelligent, he shows interest only in common topics he finds interesting which he reads occasionally, sometimes even turning into an obsession that overwhelms him until he knows everything about that subject, often getting in the way of ongoing investigations. At times, he would even go to extremes where he would work himself out until he collapses. After finding out everything there is to know about the topic at hand, he would completely lose interest in the said topic and move on to something else.

Abilities: Frederick has Void Memories; they are sudden lapses of memories from his past life. They are weak, only giving him the knowledge he had before the new cycle, such as mechanical engineering and strategic knowledge. He is also the Sphere Reactor of the Curious Goat but is unaware of it.

[REDACTED] faced the brutality of the world since he was born. His birth resulted in the death of his mother, and his father suddenly vanished. People associated with his mother raised him, and he joined [REDACTED] thanks to their influence. However, upon joining, he was told about his father, his aunt, and his mother by a man calling himself [REDACTED], and was personally trained by him for reasons currently unknown. His father became [REDACTED], leader of the terrorist group known as [REDACTED], after the death of his mother. [REDACTED] must learn the secrets of his past, that if he wants to stop his father and his plans for humanity...
He was born like any peasant. But, for many people, Frederick was still very unusual. He did things many would find mature, such as understanding concepts that only adults would think of; only as a teen, he understood what was happening. His adolescence was plagued by memories of a girl called Rose, and some red-haired youngster that resembled him, and that his unusual knowledge of complex subjects was due to that red-haired person. It helped him on his newfound love for detective work, but as time went on, he obsessed himself with those memories. Worried, he went for an engineering college, hoping that he acquires contact with the Terra Sentinel, the only organization that could explain those memories. Before that could happen, he was part of an incident; a mysterious machine appeared, almost destroying the city he was in. And if not by his guts...

He tried to fight the beast, but being unable to do so, he wandered until he found a wasted R-Gun prototype, which he used to defeat it. During the fight, it turned into the R-Gun Rivale and wasted the monster; fact that he himself isn't aware of. After fainting, he woke up on a hospital run by DEI-associated corporations, where they told him their accord; they would pay for the city on his place, but as collateral, he had to work for them as a pilot. DEI, however, had other plans for him in mind; study the possibility of him wielding one of the spheres, since the machine where they found him reacted to dimensional energy, and because of his void memories...
Affiliation: DEI

Combat Style: Ranged
Strengths: His memories grant him with great tactical knowledge, and some basic understanding of mechanics and engineering, so he can quickly analyze machines and their workings.
Weaknesses: Being curious, he sees his foes and allies as test subjects for his curiosity, even if unconsciously, and he never helps people he isn't interested, even if they ask. Also, he has trouble fighting on close-range.
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Jul 22, 2019

History: This version of the R-Gun was abandoned after causing the death of its test pilots. Why it wasn't scrapped or destroyed, is unknown. But, it somehow reacted to a certain youngster associated with DEI.
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