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Jun 14, 2018
Class: Type of ship (i.e. Space Noah)
Name: The ship's name (i.e. Hagane)
Unit Type: What the ship's purpose is
Dimensions: Mandatory. Length, width, etc
Propulsion: Listing the type of thrusters it has is the only mandatory entry for this field. (Thermonuclear, rocket, jet, etc)
Fixed Armaments: Mobile Weapon Capacity: List the number of mobile weapons that will be on board the ship.
Launch Catapults: List the amount of catapults and location
Equipment and Design Features: Any equipment the ship has (i.e. Gravity controls, Modular, Gravity Blocks, etc)

Technical and Historical Notes

Tell us about the history behind your ship. How did you get it? Is there anything special about it? How many squads of MS does it carry, across how many hangers? How many people crew the bridge?


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Jun 15, 2018
DEI Field Manual 36: "ADAMON And You"

Attention valued employee and/or contractor:

If you are reading this, congratulations! You have been chosen to participate in the Dimensional Energy Institute's groundbreaking experiments regarding ADAMON, or "Artificial Dimensional Armed Beasts".

Following the introduction of our highly successful mind-control helmets that repurposed mindless beasts into faithful friends of humanity, our brilliant scientists set to work not only understanding these majestic creatures, but also in unlocking their latent potential.

The result of this was the ADAMON - move over Fido, man's got a new best friend!


DEMx-01A Adamon

The standard model of ADAMON, constructed with parts salvaged and/or appropriated from various specimens. Compared to the average tame DAMON, the ADAMON does not require a mind-control helmet - rather, its control mechanisms are installed directly into its cranium. As a result, it is able to successfully deploy the D-Fault Barrier without fear of interference affecting said control mechanisms, addressing a frequent concern and pain point with the helmets. In the unlikely event that control falters for even a moment, a self-destruct device triggers that instantly destroys the defective unit.

ADAMON units can follow simple battlefield instructions issued by a command unit, but are unsuitable for more complex ones (namely, those not pertaining to rampant destruction or basic guard duty). Left unattended, an ADAMON unit will simply revert to its beastial, instinctive attack patterns until all foes have been vanquished, before attempting to return to base.

Because they retain the regenerating qualities of their wild cousins, ADAMON require little to nothing in the ways of maintainance - they feed on residual dimensioanl energy, and their cranial control mechanisms require only monthly maintainance - they are otherwise wholly self sufficent, and highly economical.

Possessing the strength of a Bull type, and maneuverability comparable to its smaller cousins, the ADAMON is capable of diving through space in mere moments through the use of its twin horns, capable of swiftly flanking or ambushing unwary prey. It is also able to issue forth a specialized projectile by channeling said energy that drops beams of Dimensional Energy from above, in addition to possessing the basic weapons of its composite parts.

DEMx-011 Rook Adamon

This regal, four-legged fortress, compared to the earlier, cruder models, is made primarily using synthetic DAMON organs and DEC-infused alloys grown in laboratories, and was designed to serve as the ultimate base defense sytem. Each Rook Class is equipped with not only armored limbs that can swat offending foes aside, but a set of four Impact Pawns, which serve to redirect beams of energy via localized fields into rains of destruction capable of 360 degree coverage - no blind spots.

While impressive enough, this is far from the model's finest selling point. The Rook ADAMON is capable of harnessing localized dimensional energy, and with a sufficient enough power source close at hand, can channel it like a massive conductor in a variety of devastating ways - undetectable artillery, impenetrable forcefields, and even psychological attacks are all possible with the appropriate equipment.

*Due to their size and complexity, Rook ADAMON are currently backordered, with the first shipments expected in OE 110.

DEMx-0111 Giga ADAMON

The latest and greatest of the ADAMON project, the Giga ADAMON is one-hundred-percent home-grown with the finest synthetic muscle and DEC-alloys can buy. Superior in capability to even the Dino DAMON class, Giga ADAMON has demonstrated in combat trials to be able to dispatch its elder brother in a matter of mere seconds with its leg mounted blades, making it the finest ADAMON yet.

Capable of utilizing wormholes not only to instantly close the distance between itself and a target, Giga ADAMON is also able to use them to conduct a full 360 degree all range attack in a manner not unlike that of the Directory's pride and joy, the Granzon, by utilizing its chest mounted cannons. The sharp, dextrous Dimensional Ripper claws are capable of not only shearing precision rips through time and space, but also are wholly articulated, able to manipulate and interact with a variety of equipment to execute mission objectives.

Giga ADAMON's most noticeable feature, compared to previous models, is that is extraordinarily intelligent, yet still unquestionably loyal, capable of carrying out complex commands and executing independent strategies unassisted. These qualities - and more - demonstrate beyond questioning that Giga ADAMON is the single greatest biological weapon ever made.

Supplies are limited - reserve yours today!


"Exa ADAMON" is a hypothetical decisive-battle use weapon, and the next step in the Artificial DAMON Development Program.

Early on, we learned that by introducing the core element of DAMON, the "Revive Cells", it is possible to transform piloted mobile weapons into DAMON. The process has been coined "Violation", and no other term could do it justice - the cells overrwrite the host's very DNA with their own code, brutally wrenching them into its desired shape - a mindless beast.

Yet, we have found some success in managing to control this effect. If, for example, a battleship-sized weapon similar to the Great Axion were to be exposed to Violation, the resulting weapon would be superior to even Giga ADAMON.

There's considerable money to be made in the decisive weapons field, Director, especially as war looms just on the horizon.

We humbly submit this request for further funding.

Bertram's Note: No, just... No.

We're not selling this... this abomination, and the fact that its existence has even been hypothesized in this document is damning enough.

You want me to approve exposing an entire vessel of innocent people to that horrific process?

Have you lost your minds?

Someone's going to find out what these things really are sooner or later, and I only wish I'd realized myself before going all in on them.

The Devil's got a special place in Hell for us because of this, and I'm reminded of it every time I see that mirthless, frozen grin.

Clean out your desks. We're done.




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Jun 15, 2018
Model Number: UMW-09 "Crow" (Directory Codename)
Code Name: Shurouga
Manufacturer: Unknown
Operator: -
Power Source: Nova Jehard
Auxiliary Power Source: Sphere of the Dreaming Twin Fishes
Armor Material: Alter-Orihalconium
Height: 30.3 Meters
Weight: 53.1 tons
Propulsion: High-Performance Dimensional Energy Thrusters
Armament: Luster Edge, dimensional energy ray emitter, mounted on head; Demon King Sword Discalibur, hand carried in use; Tragic Genocider quasi-familiars
Equipment: Black Bird Form, Malice Detector, Akashic Record Control System (Incomplete)
Finishing Moves: Embrace the Inferno, Rumbling Discalibur, Ley Buster

Description: What does it look like? An image is acceptable here as well.

Technical Notes:

Nova Jehard: Shurouga's primary power source, a crystalline object situated at its heart. It harvests energy from all living things undergoing "trials", or some form of struggle, taking that residual energy and converting it into power. It is a device very similar to the Ritual Convertor used in Rayblade and later, Cybuster, and can also be used to control the Spheres which are integrated into the machine.

Malice Detector: A device located in Shurouga's head unit that can detect the greatest sources of "struggle". That is, it's almost like a "negative energy detector".

Akashic Record Control System (Incomplete): A read/write function for the Akashic records, installed in the Shurouga. This particular instance was "cursed" by the Giants of the future, locking it into an endless loop of self-resurrection. This system is also the source of some of its more unusual powers, such as being able to travel freely between different worlds, and disguising itself.


A two or three paragraph short history and explanation of the weapon’s origins and place in the setting. Some things consider: Where does it come from? Was it made for a specific purpose? Is it a special one-off machine, perhaps a failed prototype or a cutting edge experimental model? How did it fall into the hands of your character?
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Jun 15, 2018

Equipment: "Jaku-Zo" Laser x2, mounted in wings; Phoenix Wave "Suzume-O' Kaen" fire breath.
Finishing Moves: "Kakuenzan"


Special Attacks: Kokujatou: Sanzenzan; Kokujatou: Gogyogoki (Eight Elements Prison); Kokujatou: Gogyo-Restsu-Zan


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Jun 15, 2018

Model Number: PTX-001R-GX-1/2/3
Codename: Gespenst Guardian System Test Type
Height: 21.2 meters
Weight: 80.2 tons (w/ Guardian Array equipped)
Armor Material: Standard, later updated with plasma-resistant ceramics and alloys
Design Features: Guardian System Uplink and Beacon, mounted in chest, Remote Operation System, replaces standard cockpit
Armament: Plasma Stake (Dummy) x3, hardmounted to left forearm; Folding Guardian Cannon / Collection Array, mounted on back.


Originally intended for the protection of Earth from alien invaders, the onset of the Colonial Civil War would ultimately see the ambitious plans for a complete satellite defense array for Earth shelved by the Directory. Prior to this decision however, three Gespenst-R models were converted into prototypes to test whether the Guardian's most ambitious factor - that of serving as a nexus for MAPW-grade weapons that could be mounted on Personal Troopers, and were otherwise undetectable until fired - could be realized.

The first prototype was immediately destroyed upon receiving the beam of energy from the satellite, even at reduced strength, and as a consequence no further tests were conducted until Terra Sentinel recovered the remaining two units. The frames of the ancient R-types were updated to modern standards, and additional plasma shielding was added to protect the frame against the stress of serving as a receiver for the satellite's energy. Still, even pushed to the limit, the Gespenst frame could only sustain a total of three blasts before completely melting down. One more unit was destroyed in testing, and the last was subsequently disassembled. The beacon for the third unit was placed in the DGG-XAM3 Jinrai for the specific purposes of using the satellite arrays to level the Directory's information control center in Lantao Island.

What was needed was a dedicated craft designed to specifically work with the Guardian System, and Terra Sentinel quickly returned to examining the recently recovered Feather Ark plans.