Grand Theft Battleship (Jericho)

Mar 23, 2021
Dimidas grit his teeth, continuing to fire his rifle at XN-L. He knew that he was likely not going to make it out, or at best who won’t leave without a few scars. So he prepared for the worst.

“I already have listened, but it is clear you will not listen to m-“


The sudden blast of energy cut him off as he saw the Barrelions annihilated. Great… now she was even more pissed than before. He readied himself for another potential assault, that was until XN-L threw away its blade in the face of the ship member’s announcement.

“So you mean to let us go for now?”

The Wildschwein would lower its rifle as to signal he was open to the parley. But it wasn’t over, she would be back. But they would be ready, after all, she will make more enemies than friends on this war torn Earth, someone or something would likely kill her before she could kill them. Either way, at the moment they were safe.

”Very well… but know that next time, things might be as they were when we last met. We will be ready for your inevitable return.”

At this point, he had expended too much energy arguing with this being. It was clear now that it had no will to change its mind at all on the current matter of things. It quite reminded him of another stubborn knight born of the same blood. But that was a thought for another time.