Howl, Zankantou! (Shroud II - MK/Sess)


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Jun 15, 2018
Click, Click, Click.

Explosions boomed in the distance across the mountaintop, the blocky, angular shape of the Great Axion Class lit up by the fires breaking out across its decks as a Super Robot wielding a massive blade tumbled from its surface, pursued in short order by two others - a smaller machine in the shape of a goat, accompanied by...

What appeared to be, to their alarm, a DAMON.

Fascinating... The Aristarch would be most pleased with this development.

Five wing-like shapes glid near silently in the distance as they observed the battle unfolding before them. The Opus reconnaissance units had started to become a more common sight across the Directory - but, seeing as they had yet to actively engage any targets, their presence had mostly been ignored. It was just as well - their purpose was not to provoke a counterattack, though that Lunarian had managed to detect them, they had since opted to dial back surveillance of the Kingdom until such a time they could more accurately analyze the sensor ranges on their machines.


Data was everything, and at that exact moment, a non-inconsequential amount of conflict was going on that they couldn't afford to ignore. Their engines came to life as they came in lower - still lingering just out of sight, but barely visible on the horizon for any who happened to chance a glance away from the action, and out to sea...
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Aug 19, 2018
One of his swords was stuck in the bridge and he was hanging right above the ship's cannon. Had it not been for that third unit leaving to deal with his 'boss' the Thrudgelmir might have actually been in mild danger.
But now- Now it was just one machine and a damon.

And then she had the bright idea to say 'shoo' causing Roman to burst out laughing in his seat. This was going to be great.
Most structural damage had been restored, just a few licks of paint and he'd be good as new.

"How about you and your puppy over there find yourself a playground and go make sandcastles instead?" he replied to Minerva as the white mech kicked itself off of the wall, the drills upon its back spinning as it took off and moved out of the way of Cuddles' tentacles.

"Otherwise-" The second shoulder cover removed itself from Thrudgelmir's form, another hilt extending out of it. "You're in for a nasty surprise. ZANKANTOU!"
With that the second liquid metal blade fully extended, the ship cleaving sword would cut sideways over the cannon of the Great Axion, aiming to destroy the weapon's barrel in one swoop. The firing mechanism was too far back to meddle with right now, but he could prevent them from firing it until they did exterior repairs.

With the slash complete the Thrud turned to look at the opposition, hovering in place as it put the second blade over its shoulder. He wanted to see what she would try.
Aug 4, 2018
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As the Thrudgelmir's blade pierced the barrel it began to glow with a malign light, preparing a second shot even as it was damaged. The inside of the bridge was flashing red, alerts everywhere going off from the Thrudgelmir's attacks. But Dylan seemed unpertubed - even excited.

"Fire it again. We've only got one shot left, let's make it count."


Katri's voice came over the radio once more - tinged with fear. He'd gone nuts - had to be crazy to even consider firing it now.

"You can't be serious - that could rip the ship in half!"


"On my mark! Everyone brace, I have no idea what this will do to the ship!"

He didn't let the compaints stop him, quickly disabling what few safety systems existed on the cannon. They weren't going to get a second attempt, and the blade would break through any second.


"Are you insa-"


It went off half-cocked, a beam of teal energy tearing its way out of the cannon - and hitting a very solid obstruction. The beam didn't just split when it hit the sword - it detonated. Shockwaves spiralled out from the epicentre, utterly ruining the cannon as smaller beams spiralled out across the battlefield - some burning small holes in the Axion, while others hit the Thrudgelmir or spiral off into space.