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Jun 18, 2018
Name: Okuni “Ikazuchi” Aohara
Age: 22
Gender: Female
Height: 6’2
Weight: 180 lbs.
Eye Color: Brownish Red
Ethnicity: Japanese

Likes: Japanese Instruments, Kabuki, Sake, Meditation
Dislikes: Unnecessary thoughts, weak/indecisive people
Character Theme:

"Before my sword, all are equal."

Okuni was born of the Kusanagi family, a warrior clan with roots tracing back to Nara-period Japan. The Kusanagi clan has made their home on the moon, living under Everglory. The Kusanagi Clan is renowned for the Kusanagi sword-style, with history dating back to medieval Japan. The style had been refined over the millenia, and has aimed to become the “greatest sword style.”

Okuni was trained under her uncle, from childhood under this style of martial arts. She showed prowess from a young age, and her uncle and the head of the clan decided to make her the pinnacle of their technique. Pushed into the position of a warrior, foregoing her femininity, her freedom, dedicating her life to the practice of the art. In addition to Swordplay, she was also taught Kabuki, Koto, Shodo, and other traditional arts. These practices all tied into the Kusanagi sword style one way or another.

For her coming-of-age ceremony, she was given the family heirloom, “Amaterasu,” a heavily modified Vorlent, given to the Kusanagi clan by Everglory. The Kusanagi had made extensive modifications to the Vorlent, giving it a more Japanese aesthetic, and heavily modifying the weaponry.

Mobile Weapon: Amaterasu
Affiliation: Lunar Kingdom of Everglory (Affiliate)
Combat Style: Zen
Strengths: The Kusanagi sword style is the pinnacle of sword techniques, with no weaknesses. There exists a technique in the style for near any combat situation. It is an undefeated sword technique refined over the millenia. Okuni, who had practiced since childhood has mastered the technique and reigns dominant over her clan as the strongest warrior of Kusanagi.
Weaknesses: Okuni works best with a clear mind, which allows her to focus entirely on fighting. Should her focus be interrupted, or her mind to be filled with unnecessary thoughts, she would be more vulnerable to attacks.

Model Number: KM-01A
Code Name: Amaterasu
Classification: Custom-use Knight Machine
Power Source: Orgone Extractor
Propulsion: Orgone Thrusters
Height: 30 meters
Weight: 50 tons
-“Masamune” modular weapon
+Orgone Blade
+Orgone Naginata
+Orgone Yumi Bow

Special Moves:
Kusanagi Sword Style, First Step: Lightning Strike - A quick strike, taking use of orgone to instantly close the gap between Amaterasu and an enemy, The first move of the Main Sword Style.

Kusanagi Sword Style, Second Step: Brave Blade - The second step in the Kusanagi series, Amaterasu forms Masamune into a special 'fracturing' orgone blade that its swung at such a high speed, the solidified orgone shatters into fragments that fly out in the arc of the blade swung. These shards having become volatile, explode.

Kusanagi Sword Style, Third Step: Tempo Blades - Amaterasu manipulates the orgone energy around it, forming several solidified orgone blades. Amaterasu launches them towards enemies, having them detonate on impact or within the vicinity of them.

Kusanagi Sword Style, Fourth Step: Crater Strike - Condesing orgone energy into a large katana, Amaterasu rushes an enemy, and strikes from above, crashing into the ground, cratering the earth, before causing orgone to errupt from the cracks in the ground.

Kusanagi Sword Style, Fifth Step: Tobi Tsubame, Flying Swallow - An Aerial strike and movement meant for reengaging for disengaging from a close combat encounter

Kusanagi Sword Style, Sixth Step: Tengoku no Setsuri, Heaven’s Providence - A strike from above utilizing multiple weapons, formed out of orgone energy to eliminate a foe, Followed by a large blade, made of out orgone that is send crashing down on a foe, exploding on impact


Originally a mass-production Vorlent given to the Kusanagi Clan by Everglory, the Clan has made extensive modifications to the unit, overhauling the weapons, armor, and propulsion. The Amaterasu is the pride of the Kusanagi Clan, and the most powerful weapon they own. It uses Orgone technology to give it strong offensive and defensive capabilities.
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