It’s Safe Now (MK, Kujo)


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Jun 14, 2018
Four hours after the events of “Beyond The Bounds”

“We’re here.”

The trek into the jungle was comparatively uneventful. Given the scenery’s prospensity for shrinking away from Derrick, whatever fauna that lay in ambush only needed to sense the presence of the young Psychodriver to reconsider its appetite.

The forests eventually cleared into an outcropping, one that overlooked both the tall, gleaming buildings that grew closer with every step, and the very heart of the Swordian, nestled in the distance, and lit by a pulsating cerulean glow.

Before them; low-set, squat buildings that were decidedly unlike that of the alien architecture lay shrouded in thick curtains of vines, half-buried in creepers.

“This used to be a Directory outpost.” Explained Hana as she led the way, stopping to push aside yet another curtain to expose the faded, yet distinct logo of the Terran superpower.

“Scientists and doctors would come to study this place... Not any more, though.” She said, quietly.

“Not for a long time.”

For Romme at least, here there was no sense of any of his kind nearby - none beyond Velvet, whose empathy for the world around them seemed to be of a similar kind to his own.

Perhaps here, they could at least get some well-deserved rest.


Aug 19, 2018
His unique presence had made the journey safer, that much had been clear. Then again in an eco-system such as this he wondered what predator would feel inclined to take on two 'Eaters' as they called themselves. But if they saw fit to view him as the apex predator then all the better, meant that the beasts foolish- or strong enough to try their luck against the other two wouldn't.

He noted the glow in the distance and the distinctly human made houses. Given the surroundings and his own nature it would be rather easy to make camp here. But at the same time he knew that any area previously occupied by humans would play home to other beings in due time. Yet no greeting party had come to receive them unlike the appearance of Volhazard and Eater Velvet prior.
So the question was-

"So what makes its home here now then, if anything?"

Given the variety of critters he got a glimpse of in the forest behind them, if she answered 'nothing' that was as much if not more of a worry than the worst answer she could have given. In all his journeys over the surface of Earth itself he never encountered an area that all animals avoided so while he was not a biologist he knew that any area animals avoided they did for a reason, human civilization on Earth being the first and foremost example but even that held rats and birds.

"And what," he pointed towards the light in the distance "is that?'


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Jun 15, 2018
At the suggestion of other inhabitants, Hana just laughed and raised an arm, showing off her muscle while giving him a wink.

"Nothing an EATER can't handle!" She laughed - but at his other question, she gave an affirming nod.

"Here, let me show you."

Hana walked with Derrick to the ledge of the outcropping. She fished into the small bag on her hip, producing a pair of compact binoculars for his use, if he so desired. If the Lunarian were to peer through them, he would see that surrounding the pillar of light was a metallic structure of sorts - set both into the floor and, if he squinted - the distant "ceiling" of the Swordian, concealed behind its artificial sky. Arrayed around it, just barely visible, were metallic thorn-like structures numbering in the dozens, shaped almost like pins, standing motionlessly on their ends.

"That... Is the heart of the Swordian." She explained, "Those structures, the "Daggers"... They control who enters and who leaves. Oh and, around there.."

The girl otherwise known as Eater Velvet gestured to around the device.

"...Volhazard has been building something."

Around the structure, at precise intervals, something had been erected that did not appear to be part of its initial design, or the landscape at all. Vast tablets of grey, each easily over forty meters high, standing tall, each facing the inside of the "heart", forming a massive ring. Perhaps, at the base of his skull... a certain, familiar sensation might have started to prickle.

"I'm not sure what, exactly... But he has been incredibly persistent about it."
Nov 14, 2018
Having gotten more comfortable with the environment, Romme had since reverted to his human shape; however, his previously stiff and ragged movement were no longer forcibly slow and limited, though they were now equally as irregularly quick and snappy in some situations. A dark fluid faintly hung about the hems of his clothes and similarly black veins raced across his skin on occasion, but for the most part the Scholar was honestly more human than he had ever been publicly. Keen hearing picked up his companions' conversation while the man himself fussed over a particularly interesting patch of lichen that was creeping up along one of the old buildings.

Romme perked up slightly at the mention of 'daggers' and he turned to face the structure in question. Rings, circles, cycles; such things always perturbed the Scholar, especially when this particular subject continued rearing its esoteric head. Romme's forehead opened once again to reveal his third eye peering warily at the odd structure for some Astral insight, though the man himself hardly expected anything noteworthy to be noticed even with further gleaning from the Astral Plane. Hence, Romme now approached the others. "I suspect such secret rituals shall remain so. That 'Volhazard' shall take it to his grave no doubt," the Scholar said abruptly. "Hm, at least that's what he's lead me to believe." A strange, rasping hiss came from the man before he continued. "Frankly, to even my surprise, I abhor such arcane mysteries. If I were not a dignified man of higher learning, I would dare to refrain from learning its secrets." As he went on, it seemed more like he was speaking to himself.


Aug 19, 2018
Looking through the binoculars Derrick suddenly froze up. Watching the structure through the lens his heartbeat picked up ever so slightly. The structure had left an impression on him and it was not a good one. He lowered the binoculars and watched the area, gritting his teeth as he was reminded of the words used to described the beings he had caught glimpses of.
"He's constructing a prison." He answered, pausing "No, that's not fully right... He's making the key and he is inviting the prisoners in."

His venture with Gail while getting pulled into these pathways from life before anything, the roads paved by the first to walk and the last to stand. And likely not the sort who would be appreciated by his new sixth sense as such never dealing with them in the first place seemed best. So Volhazard was a direct obstacle now.
"The architects of life, I know not their crimes or their sentence. But I know they were sealed and now are awake once more."

Considering these beings knew him and were part of Ze'ev's plans and he did not have the Astranagant with him currently making sure Volhazard did not complete the structure seemed something of great import to him. He once more gazed through the binoculars towards the thorns, the question was how to disrupt Volhazard's construction without accidentally letting the architects in. The daggers it seemed were key, if they decided who could enter and leave. They simply had to refuse the architects.

So now the question was, how to do that. The simplest solution was to kill Volhazard and destroy the Swordian for good it seemed.
"It is a ritual whose secret you do not want to learn." he stated to the high scholar "Out of personal experience, it is not worth the debt. Even if knowledge may be power, it sometimes is also one's greatest weakness."

That was something he was woefully aware of currently.
"You aught to be glad if you never see the end result of that ritual and let Volhazard take it to his grave. Because we will have to put an end to it before something worse than either Eater, DAMON or Lamalice comes through that."