Loose Ends (Bio, Gear, ???)

Aug 25, 2018
August 22nd, OE102
Southern Russia, Russian East European Plain

A single Masouki was flying away from a nearby settlement out into the empty plains surrounding it. It was, of course, Legerior CL, the Masouki piloted by the Terra Sentinel defector Sigrid Korppi. Fleeing from the would-be assassins Terra Sentinel had sent after her this time.

The Mobile Weapon bearing a striking resemblance to the Jinrai was hardly the stealthiest of machines. And so she had left where she was stationed in.

After all it was plainly obvious that Terra Sentinel didn't give a single rat's ass about lives or collateral damage, civilian or otherwise, in their insane quest to settle their grudges with the blood of countless innocents.

No communications were sent from the Masouki, if her hunters had any way to track such things.

The area she landed in was almost entirely just vast, empty plains dominated by nothing but grass. Yet in the middle a hill rose towards the skies, heedless of its surroundings. Whether manmade or natural, the hill gave a good vantage point for her to wait on top of either way.

And there...she waited, Legerior standing impassively. Inside the cockpit, Sigrid was focused on sensing her surroundings, looking out for any hint of others and hostility targeted towards her. Yet despite what one would think to be a calming act or something one needed to be calm for, her teeth grated together.

She just wanted to forget all about Terra Sentinel, leave it in her ugly past and move on with her life.

The sky was completely covered by clouds. As fine a day to fight for one's existence than any other.


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Jun 15, 2018
The clouds darkened, as the minutes passed.

A raindrop fell on the Legerior's shoulder. Then, another. It wasn't long before a steady pitter-patter was beating down upon the machine's brow and shoulders, as if the heavens themselves were absolving her of her sins. A lemming at her feet darted about, taking shelter under the machine's limbs from the incoming storm. The only sound was the distant boom of thunder, the faint illumination of the clouds far away.

"That's far enough."


A bolt of lightning flashed down, ripping into the flesh of the earth - and illuminated the stark, bright features of the Raioh. It walked slowly towards the mound, every flash of the storm illuminating its determined features, emerald green eyes raising to look up at the Legerior as it folded its arms, crimson scarf fluttering in the howling wind. Eliza closed her eyes in the cockpit, and gave a low, long sigh of resignation. The woman hadn't made the trek easy - after all, why would she? Everyone in Terra Sentinel's ranks knew what happened to those who chose the path of the turncoat.

None ever escaped.

"...You've made a grave mistake, Sigrid Korppi." She said quietly, the Raioh shifting its stance, one leg sliding out before the other as she let her breathing slow, arms flowing out in a familiar pose.

All she could hope, at this point... Was to make it quick.
Jun 14, 2018
Were she keen-eyed against the growing gloom, the unfortunate miss Korppi would further be able to make out a second figure in the snap-flash of lightning. Almost cartoonishly minute against the towering Raioh, the difference in scale was dramatic enough that it stood atop its companion's shoulder, feet firmly planted and arms resolutely crossed. Armor like pitch faded into the overcast sky, sharply contrasted by the self-made gleam emanating from its crimson visor.

Entombed within the diminutive Gespenst, in the back of her mind Anastasiya was thankful that Eliza couldn't see the ugly grimace she wore at the sight of the Legerior. It roused her ire, yet at the same time brought a feeling like a lead weight in her gut.


The battle armor remained rooted where it stood even as the Raioh took a fighting stance. She would intervene if and when necessary; despite the scientist's misgivings regarding the task, she would give Eliza the chance to do this on her own.

They both understood how important success was today.

"I'll back you up. Let's complete the mission."
Aug 25, 2018
So there were two then. However diminutive the size of the Gespenst, the presence of the hostile pilot was impossible to miss. Yet Sigrid blinked at the small voice. That was unexpected. "You're right about that." She replied, deep exhaustion and fatigue creeping into her voice. "I never should have joined your pack of rabid grudgefilled people in the first place."

Legerior's arms shot to the tail container where the Flu launchers were held, and pointed the thin barrels at the duo. "At least I fled when I saw what you really are. I don't know if you ever were what I thought you to be, but I know what you are now..." It hadn't been courage that caused her to flee that day. She was not courageous, she was not a warrior. It had just been visceral fear, disgust and terror that made her run away. She still felt those emotions, fear most of all, yet they did not rule her. Not yet at least.

"Blind murderers unable to see what you are doing, blind to the suffering you cause with every action you do! Using the memory of the dead to justify every atrocity, every innocent death!" And with those hissed words, filled with myriad of complex emotions, the beginning of the battle came as the raindrops glittered with the light of the four Flu shots flying towards Raioh's legs. After a short pause, the action was repeated with another four shots streaking at the legs, hampering the Super's approach if nothing else.


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Jun 15, 2018

Eliza's brow furrowed as Sigrid spat flame at the two of them - but her mouth was sealed. That accusation wasn't her to answer... or, was it? Here she was, after all, fighting for those very same murderers. For a grudge that wasn't hers. Why? Because she wanted to protect Anna? All the thoughts that had been forced to the back of her mind started to simmer, rapping against the wall of the cell she had entombed them in, demanding her attention.

It took the whine of the Raioh's HUD to snap her out of it, and at the sight of the streaking lights, she felt uncharacterisic panic well up in her chest.

Incoming fire detected.
Engaging evasive maneuvers.

Almost unbidden, the mechanical frame about her twisted swiftly, carrying her limbs along with it. With seemingly practiced Ease, the Raioh lept to the left, letting the beams scythe into the hillside where it had stood. As the second round was prepared, the Plasma Converters of the Super Robot glowed, and it twisted as it landed, sending a sphere of red destruction to meet Sigrid's own blast. It collided with the incoming beams, sending up a screen of blasted crimson and white between the two that illuminated all three machines in its brilliance, tearing the air, sending gales of force rushing across the planes.

Set mode: NRM
Pilot Profile Selected: Close-Range Combat.
LIOH, Engage.

Eliza cursed under her breath, giving a low groan as she felt the System adjusting, moving them forward. The Raioh burst from the smoke, thundering towards Sigrid seemingly on the tips of its toes, moving with such swiftness that it left a wave of after-images in its wake as it closed the gap. She could already feel it - her heartbeat increasing, her focus tightening, as LIOH did its work. She didn't need to be distracted. Any noise that came out of this woman's mouth - that was all it was. White noise that needed to be silenced.

All she needed to do was focus on their mission.
Jun 14, 2018
"Do you really believe...," came a snarled response from the Gespenst, its arms parting and right hand snapping up, "That we don't understand? That we don't act purely out of necessity?!" Space seemed to bubble and froth and twist in the vicinity of the upturned limb, the slim profile of the Mega Buster Cannon emerging as it dropped from the ether into Ana's waiting fist. The tiny battle armor leveled the weapon at Sigrid's machine even as the interior of the barrel took on a brilliant multi-hued glow.

"If the Directory hadn't been so corrupt - so willing to sacrifice its own people without a second thought to cover up the atrocities it had committed - none of this would have happened! Omsk wouldn't have happened!" Her free hand went to the cannon as well, clamping down on top of the first; Ana felt the alloy of the grip crack and yield beneath the pressure of her fingers. It didn't matter. The thing would only last for this one shot anyway. The plug that connected it to the suit grew scorching hot as more power than it had ever been designed to handle surged through the union. A brilliant crimson caution began to blink in the corner of her vision - WARNING: CHARGE LEVEL EXCEEDING SAFE LIMITS - but she disregarded it.

"This fight is for all the friends - the family - that I lost that day!"

A column of energy erupted forth from the cannon, discharging with such brutality that Ana was forced to brace herself against the weapon recoiling. Metal screamed in agony as the woman refused to release the trigger - the barrel's surface went from dull yellow to brilliant red to white-hot before she relented, leaving it as little more than a dropping pole of slag that shed droplets of molten metal in the wake of the Raioh.

The continuous beam was a far cry from the cataclysmic firepower of some full-sized machines, but all the same it far exceeded what one would expect from the diminutive armor - and was more than enough to threaten the Legerior's well-being.
Nov 14, 2018
- - -
Mission: Eliminate Terrorists and Protect VIP
Requester: Mars Φ Atroux
Enemy Forces: Unknown
Objective: Eliminate enemy mobile weapons

Operation Code: Misfit

<<Message Data>>
This is Mars Φ Atroux of Endymion. I come to you with a time critical mission, so I'll try to make this brief.
Our organization has managed to locate and connect with a rebelling operative of the terrorist group known as Terra Sentinel. Our interactions have been brief, however, as we have been unable to retrieve and take in the operative at this time due to a variety of reasons, primarily of which are the operatives of Terra Sentinel that have been tasked with keeping the fugitive out of our hands through whatever means possible. Recently, we have managed to arrange with the rebel an operation.

Your task is to await the arrival of the rebel in a designated position, the enemy operatives will be sure to follow. When all targets are present, defend the VIP and eliminate the enemies however you see fit; destroy them outright or neutralize them for capture, I leave the choice to you.

We're contacting you for this mission do to your unique relationship with DEI, as well as your prodigious performance records with them. Terra Sentinel can think whatever they want, but on paper you're an independent mercenary group and I trust you to perform like one.
<<Message End>>

- - -

"So, how do you feel about the nature of this assignment?"
"...Unsporting, I suppose, would be the word"
"Oh? So you would consider this like some sort of game or sport?"
"In a vague sense, yes. I have discovered recently that humans often translate subjects and information into the form of games and the like to process them more handily."
"Hm, noted."
'Defense target has reached the combat area. Reading two energy signatures in pursuit but visual can only be confirmed on a single unit... It has a funny face.'
"Initiate launch sequence, we can scan for any signs of stealth or jamming on the second unit once we enter the zone."

Far away, sitting in a valley of tall, grassy foothills, laid the faintly shimmering shape of the Pendragon, the Avalon system providing visual cover in the dim light of the storm. Within the confines of its bow, the Straybird, cradled in its compact position, began to stir as the clinical white light of its hangar cut to a hazardous, flashing red. Green eyes glowered in the darkness as the hum of the dimensional catapult increased in intensity before a flash of crimson light bathed bathed the hangar. Through the black machine's eyes, Aeolus saw the myriad, streaking colors of subspace. He could practically feel the Straybird's wings carving through the raw energy.

'Target speed achieved; energy transferrance all green; Deactivating Imaginary Road in 3... 2...'

- - -

Above the Regelior, a red line appeared and collapsed on itself rapidly like a ripple in a pond. Bursting forth through this hole came the towering form of Straybird, its wings spread wide, wreathed in fiery white energy, and leading a trail of crimson silhouettes behind it as it barreled forward.

'Pardon the intrusion~'
"Focus, Penelope."

The black machine pulled up from its collision course with the Raioh, its red followers splitting off as well before serving back to converge on the enemy from various different angles.