Luca and the Gespenst Mk II

Aug 25, 2018
Name: Luca Cross

Age: 23

Height: 5'4”

Weight: 130lb (?)

Eye Color: Hazel

Hair Color: Brown

Ethnicity: American



Other Information: Luca enjoys reading and movies. Her favorite kind of movies are B-List movies with cheesy violence and action. She plays a few video-games, ranging from tactics games to battle simulation games. She has no interest in the paranormal or psychic, and failed the institutionalized tests for either in candidates before joining college. She is currently majoring in Business, with a minor in Consumer Science.

Biography: Luca was the only child of Matthew and Erina Cross. She grew up with a normal childhood, living with the loving care of both of her parents. The girl was free to pursue her interests and passions, with her parents full support. It wasn't until she was 17 that disaster struck; a terrible accident on a planetary shuttle between colonies resulted in dozens of lives lost, two of which were her parents.

Devastated by their shared loss, the girl was immediately adopted by her single Uncle; who accepted Luca as his daughter. The company responsible for the accident offered reparation in the form of tuition that the girl could use to attend college. Her uncle was involved in the military as a contractor, but didn't bring his work home often. She didn't actually go to college for 3 years, choosing instead to live at home and pour hours into video-games and books. When her uncle begged her with tears to please go out and start living out her life like his brother and sister would've wanted, the young woman finally consented.

Luca started a basic college path, majoring in Business, in order to try and learn more about the company that had killed her parents. With each answer she found, a dozen more questions rose up. It was frustrating for the girl, but she continued with her single-minded search for answers. She made it three years into her course, still no closer to the truth than before, when the second incident occurred.

When she came home for summer break, her Uncle was nowhere to be found. In their simple house was an envelope addressed to her. Inside was a card, a special key, and a letter. The letter gave a painful truth to the girl: her parents had been leading a secret life, one as spies searching for answers within the Directory. They had uncovered something huge while visiting the colonies, but didn't make it back to Earth before the faction struck. The answers weren't lost; they had delivered the contents of their search to her Uncle, who had held onto the answers until he knew who could be trusted. He too had been targeted, and immediately distanced himself from the house and Luca for her protection. But that was only the beginning; if her Uncle's hunch was right, the Directory would target the girl as a bargaining chip, to use against him and buy back their secrets. He couldn't come to rescue her in person, but that's where his final gift came into play. He knew about the games she had played during those years she had spent locked in her room, and used their cockpit model and control scheme to customize the Robot he had procured for her. She shouldn't expect miracles to come from the robot itself; it would rely upon her skills and knowledge to bring out its potential.

Armed with card and key, the girl fled into the garage as people in black cars began surrounding the small house. Using the key card on the safe within the garage, a hatch opened in a different portion of the small room. Climbing down it revealed her final gift, the Gespenst Mk II her Uncle had stolen for her. Escaping in the robot, the girl fled to the coordinates programmed into the robot, where 'allies' awaited her.

Mobile Weapon: RPT-007 Gespenst Mk II M Custom, with the control scheme from Burning Pilots game

Affiliation: Terra Sentinel

Combat Style: Wild Card

Combat Theme:

Strengths: Luca's lack of military knowledge and skills make her an unorthodox fighter and throws the normal military conscripts for a loop. She has the desperation of one trying to survive against crippling odds, and that allows her to take risks and make leaps of faith others would be unable to justify. Her last strength isn't really her own, but due to the nature of her robot, parts and repairs are relatively inexpensive when compared to prototypes and the more unique mechs.

Weaknesses: The same thing that give her strength against enemies also makes her a liability to comrades. She doesn't understand military lingo or military tactics; while playing military games, she was the rogue pilot who would dash forward beyond the line to add on kills and strike for a glorious kill. She also is reluctant to extend trust readily to those who work with her; that inability to trust makes it so she tries to fight her opponents on all sides, rather than trusting her allies to carry a portion of the burden and aid the woman.

Mobile Weapon Template:

Model Number: RPT-007 Gespenst Mk II M Custom

Code Name: Gespenst Mk II Custom C

Manufacturer: EOT Manufacturing

Operator: Luca Cross

Power Source: Plasma Generator

Armor: Standard

Height: 21.9 meters

Weight: 78.5 tons

Propulsion: Tesla Drive


-Split Missile x 2 : two large missile pods that release sub-munitions when launched

-Neo Plasma Cutter x3 : Standard energy blades for melee combat. Improved versions of the Plasma Cutter.

-G-Revolver : requisitioned from an unknown source, the G-Revolver is the only weapon the Custom C has outside of missiles to engage distant foes (currently). Carried on a clip by its side, along with more clips.

Equipment: Ammo Clips, Repair Kit

Finishing Move:
-Jet Magnum: Works the same as in the game

Description: Gespent Mk II Type M, painted a dark purple


The mass production version of the Gespenst, derived directly from the the Gespenst Mk II Type-R.
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