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Feb 15, 2019
Name: Ziye Inverse
Age: 18
Gender: Female
Height: 5'2"
Weight: 118 lb
Eye Color: Hazel-green
Hair Color: Brown with orange highlights in front and on the side.
Ethnicity: Irish-Directory
Appearance: (image to come)

Other Information: With no special heritage to her name, Ziye has spent her life pursuing the attainable wealth of knowledge. She is armed with her quick wit and strong logical and planning skills. She always has a notepad on her, constantly writing interesting things down -- Things that may just come in handy in a later plan.

She likely has too many hobbies, often dabbling in things before moving on to something new. Occasionally in conversation she'll come up with a pun, and inevitably she'll push it for it way too hard. She is a deceptively good cook.

Character Theme: "Tales of Innocence"

Biography: Ziye grew up in a small town alongside her younger sister by a single mother. In her early days, she could most easily be described in a few words: Curious, quiet, and kind. Though raised in relative poverty, she and her sister never went without. She could often be found helping out around the house while simultaneously keeping her nose inside one book or another.

After finishing primary education, Ziye left home with the hopes of bringing money into the household. She wanted to finally be able to let her mother relax after a life of working so hard. With this motivation, she applied to DEI, both hoping she could create technology to help those in the world who need it the most, and to bring in a little cash to help her own situation.

Very recently, Ziye sometimes comes of a little less innocently and a little more eccentric. Having received news of her mother's untimely death and her sister's unknown whereabouts, her motives and goals are now thrown into question. Her stash of small notepads have seemed to triple and she is constantly distracted by new notes to take down.

Ziye's current projects and works are often driven by her thoughts of her sister and memories of her mother.

Mobile Weapon:
Prototype Calion

Affiliation: Civilian/Engineer

Combat Style: Quick

Strengths: Ziye is quick to make plans on the fly and great at calculating how to execute them. She knows her way around a mobile weapon from top to bottom, which often helps her establish the best way to handle an unexpected threat.

Weaknesses: Foremost, she lacks proper training. She often finds herself at a loss when handling new situations. Secondary, she tends to plan for the best circumstances for those around her before she plans for herself. Also, an unexpected strategy can quickly throw her off.
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