Magic Knight of Wind

Sep 10, 2019
Name: Alia Ingram
Age: 18
Gender: Female
Height: 5'3
Weight: 112
Eye Color: Green
Hair Color: Red
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Other Information: Magic User

Biography: Raised in a loving and fairly well-to-do family, Alia joined the Directory out of a desire to protect others. Recruited into the Directory's alchemical divisions, she was an underwhelming student of magic. Instead, Alia was more useful as a test pilot for machines fueled by the user's own prana or emotions; she had plenty of them! Her friendly and straightforward nature made her reasonably popular with some in the Directory, while others balked at her limited understanding of magical theory.

She was part of the token garrison left behind in L5 prior to the Lamalice invasion, and puzzled by the sudden withdrawal. Initially ready to fight to the death, Alia instead protected a refugee ship as it fled the area. Enroute to L2, she received an order to abandon the refugees and return to Directory forces. Horrified at the idea of leaving innocent people to die at the hands of strange 'space monsters', Alia immediately resigned her commission in the Directory.

Once the refugees were safe, Alia ventured to the L4 region to follow rumors of impending Lamalice attacks. She seeks new allies and a new home, while committing herself to being a highly visible heroine for the masses.

Mobile Weapon: Zefholm
(Original custom machine, see information below)

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Affiliation: Starseeker Combine

Combat Style: Mobile. Alia prefers to out-move and out-shoot her opponents in a straightforward battle.
Strengths: Excellent reflexes, high confidence, and good fundamentals; she can keep her distance from dangerous foes, or press a close-range advantage if she has one.
Weaknesses: Inexperience and average intelligence means she falls for traps and tricks that smarter or more tested pilots would notice.


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Model Number: N/A
Code Name: Zefholm
Manufacturer: Directory
Operator: Alia Ingram
Power Source: Prana Converter
Armor Material: Orichalonium
Height: 20.7 meters (from base of foot to top of wings)
Weight: 41.4 tons
Propulsion: Prana Thrusters
1x Valkyrie Halberd - Summoned/De-summoned (similar to the Deus Cutter/Dis Cutter swords from Lord of Elemental)
2x Prana Beam Launcher - Fired from the green gems on the shoulders (Medium firing rate, medium damage)
2x Wind Prana Emitters - One in each hand, used to create whirlwind/tornado style attacks.

Ejectable Cockpit - The large geren gem in the mid-section. Sealed for space and underwater combat, can sustain Alia in these environments despite her absurd costume.
Pilot Teleportation System - Zefholm's cockpit does not have a physical hatch to open/close. Instead, it teleports its pilot in and out of the cockpit if the pilot is nearby.
Invocation Computer - A system that does calculations in magic use for its pilot, though it's only able to calculate wind magic.

Finishing Moves: Tempest Divide
(Zefholm creates a tornado and launches it at the enemy. It splits into two tornadoes - the second is an identical copy of the first - which then converge on the target.)


History: Created by the Directory's alchemical research divisions, Zefholm is a unique machine meant to test two different concepts. It is primarily meant to gather data on the practical manipulation of wind magic in space and other unusual environments. In addition, Zefholm has an onboard computer that handles the theory behind activating wind magic for its pilot, meaning only rudimentary magic training is required to operate it. This system requires most of the extremely limited onboard power supply, so Zefholm's prana converter requires the pilot to provide their prana and emotions as the power source for all but the most basic operations.

While built with orichalonium, its armor is thin and grants only modest protection. Instead, Zefholm flies at high speed and relies on evasion to survive in battle. Armed with a mix of wind-based attack magic, a halberd, and beam launchers as backup weapons, Zefholm thrives on an aggressive combat style and works best when it has plenty of wide open space to move in.

Assigned to Alia Ingram for testing, Zefholm was brought with her when she defected from the Directory in the aftermath of the Lamalice invasion of the L5 colonies.