Mel Khan and Axio


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Sep 10, 2018
Name: Mel Khan

Age: 35
Gender: Male
Height: 1,90 meters
Weight: 60 kg
Eye Color: Black
Hair Color: Black
Ethnicity: Human
Appearance: 1536709929484.png

Other Information:

Occupation: Scientist

Likes: Egoistical and over-optimistic people, magic, idiots

Dislikes: Black coffee, cloning, computers, science

Biography: Mel Khan comes from another colony. In said colony, he was an acclaimed scientist, and managed to create a successful company called "Bad Dog S.L.". His technological advances basically consisted of normal technology that revolutioned certain aspects of the everyday life, along with helping to create the blueprints for the Axio.

All these developments made him a target for governments from all over the world, since a revolutionary group was using them for their evil deeds. During the trial, he was found guilty and thus, he was imprisoned for life.

But that was not the end for Mel, as a riot happened in prison, he took the chance to escape, taking an Axio with him. He ended up on the Lunar Kingdom, along with his Axio, and since he thought his scientific knowledge would be useful for the Lunar's objectives, he took this chance to redeem for his past mistakes and start again.

Mobile Weapon: Axio

Affiliation: Lunar Kingdom of Everglory

Combat Style: Tactical

Strengths: Great confidence in himself, experience in the side-lines

Weaknesses: Tends to overthink strategies, unexperienced pilot
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