Mutiny (Shroud II - Bio/Verus)


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Jun 15, 2018
Aboard the bridge of the Heca, a commotion was breaking out as they witnessed the fierce back-and-forth going on outside their windows. The unknown Lunarian machine they had brought aboard was crossing swords with what appeared to be a very small Gespenst, though from this distance it was difficult to tell from the sheer speed the combatants were moving at. Pendleton watched anxiously - they could get no closer to the battlefield for fear of the Great Axion's main gun, for as maneuverable as the ship was, it wouldn't take more than a glancing blow to send it hurtling into the mountains below.

"Can't we do something?" He turned to Kina, asking loudly-

But, she wasn't listening.

Instead, the tall Oni woman had flicked open a personal terminal, holding its holographic surface up to her head.

"Yes, sir." She said, nodding.

"XO! Did you hear me?!"

Her golden eyes took him into focus, causing the portly man to suddenly halt in his bloviating. All eyes on the bridge were on the two of them now, as it was the first time the XO had failed to respond to an order.

"He's still here, yes." She continued, "Understood - consider it done."

"XO! We are in the middle of the battle, this is no time to-"


There was a dry, metallic click, and Pendleton's outrage died in his throat as Kina raised her pistol level with his chest. Her expression was as calm as an Oni's could be - in fact, she seemed to be almost apathetic, looking at him as though he were some kind of vile slug. Cold sweat began to pour down his forehead as a single thought surfaced at the back of his mind:

I've been found out.

"Captain Pendleton. On the orders of Hyperion, your are relieved of your duties, effective immediately."


The man had barely stammered out a response before a pair of black-armored guards seized him by the arms, causing him to cry out. Seemingly satisfied, Kina holstered her firearm, slipping into the Captain's chair, folding her fingers neatly on her lap.

"Terra Sentinel has no mercy for traitors." She called out as he was hauled away;

"You'll live to regret your decision... briefly."

At length, she turned back to the rest of the bridge - who hurriedly stopped staring, and started trying to occupy themselves with something - anything other than the spectacle they had just witnessed. Kina just gave a grunt, and settled down further into the chair, flicking away pieces of residue from the chair's arm. It was high time they rid themselves of that incompetent anyway.
Jun 14, 2018
"Haaa!" The blazing coat of dimensional energy that engulfed the Gespenst seemed to abruptly coalesce, thick streamers of the dark flame roiling up along its cocked left arm into a swirling mass. Ana swung across with a potent left hook as the orgone projectile zeroed in on her machine; there was an intense burst of energy as fist impacted blade, viridescent construct exploding into a million stray particles. And like those only moments ago, they too were drawn into the gaping maw of the Vampire Laser, though most of the weapon's pull had by then abated.

Despite the difference in size, the two machines were more alike than either pilot was likely willing to admit. Vast reserves of raw power, weapons of pure energy as well as the capability to defend against the same, and the ability to cross the dimensional horizon...this battle was unlikely to come to a decisive conclusion, if indeed it even ended before one side or the other accomplished their overall objective. But Anastasiya had the upper hand: she didn't need to beat the knight machine, only prevent it from joining the offensive for long enough.

The woman readied herself to defend once more even as Okuni drew forth yet another weapon of orgone. She couldn't take her eyes off the other warrior long enough to take stock of the battle, but -


Ana's head snapped up as seemed to reverberate through her skull, faint and subdued yet all the same somehow unmistakable as Eliza. She began to turn involuntarily toward the source of the 'sound'...though thankfully still aware enough of her surroundings to catch the orgone speartip lancing toward her with lightning speed. The machine threw both arms up, crossed defensively in front of itself as they flared with power; the weapon smashed home against the Gespenst, shards and particles of emerald energy scattering as it broke itself against the energy of System XN. The last-second guard was only partially successful, a white-hot layer of armor material sloughing away from the battle armor's forearms as it vented great clouds of boiling coolant, struggling to prevent Ana's own limbs from roasting much the same.

Eliza! Seemingly unlearned from her error a fraction of a moment prior, Ana spun to view the battle that had unfolded behind them - just in time to see the Jinrai finish its descent, cleaving a great chasm in the facing of the Lemures.


Whatever follow-up strike Okuni had prepared, it would find purchase only a wisp of the black flame and a hint of stray emerald particulate left behind. The Gespenst, it seemed, had managed to vanish into thin air with a prowess even the orgone-powered knight-machine could not match.