Okuni Aohara


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Jun 18, 2018
Name: Okuni Aohara
Age: 22
Gender: Female
Height: 6'2"
Weight: 180 lbs.
Eye Color: Amethyst
Hair Color: Black
Ethnicity: Japanese
Allegiance: Kusanagi Clan, Lunar Aristocracy (Currently)
Other Information:
Likes: Swordsmanship, Sake, Sparring
Dislikes: Indecisiveness, Weakness, Arrogance
Addresses Self: 我 (ware)

Character Theme:

Combat Theme:

Combat Style: Zen
Strengths: The Kusanagi sword style is the pinnacle of sword techniques, with no weaknesses. There exists a technique in the style for near any combat situation. It is an undefeated sword technique refined over the millenia. Okuni, who had practiced since childhood has mastered the technique and reigns dominant over her clan as the strongest warrior of Kusanagi.

Weaknesses: Okuni works best with a clear mind, which allows her to focus entirely on fighting. Should her focus be interrupted, or her mind to be filled with thoughts, she would be more vulnerable to attacks.

"Before my Blade, All are Equal."

Current Heir of the Kusanagi Clan's Aohara Family, Okuni is one of the few who train under the "Supreme Swordsmanship" of the Kusanagi school. Founded by the legendary hero Kusanagi, in a time when there was only one world, Okuni comes from a prestigious line of warriors. The swordsmanship has been refined over the millennia, yet studied by few, making it one of the most famous yet rumored martial art in existence.

Okuni was trained under her uncle, from childhood under this style of martial arts. She showed prowess from a young age, and her uncle and the head of the clan decided to make her the pinnacle of their technique. Pushed into the position of a warrior, foregoing her femininity, her freedom, and dedicating her life to the practice of the art. In addition to Swordplay, she was also taught Kabuki, Koto, Shodo, and other traditional arts. These practices all tied into the Kusanagi sword style one way or another. When multiple children are born of the current leader of the clan, a duel is held between the two children, to determine who will lead the clan, come the death of the current head. At the age of 16, Okuni had bested her younger twin, Yamato. It was from then decided that Okuni would one day lead the clan.

As a gift for her accomplishments, the Aohara family bestowed Amaterasu, their sole Knight Machine given by the Lunar government for their support in training and helping grow the Royal Knights of the Moon. Amaterasu was a heavily modified Vorlent, both overhauling the mechanics of it, while also refitting the armor to give a more Japanese aesthetic.

Having been given freedom to do as she pleased, she was given an offer by Terra Sentinel to aid in training new recruits. The task seemed boring at first glance, but when she saw that the location would be in Japan, she had to accept it. Having never been to Earth, nonetheless Japan, it was almost a dream come true for her to see her heritage and where she came from. While en route to the Terra Sentinel base, she and another Terra Sentinel soldier came under attack by an unknown Mobile weapon that challenged their skills and in a way gave Okuni first insight to a true battle, where her life was on the line.

Arriving in Japan early, she made time to visit Kyoto, the small piece of Japan that had yet to go under the massive modernization, remaining as a place of cultural heritage, offering tourists and Japanese alike a look into the past, and how Japan once was. It was during this time she had met and fought with the curent Matriarch of the Oda Family of the Kusanagi Clan, Oda Nobushiro, who promptly and mercilessly beat down Okuni, breaking any delusions of grandeur she thought herself to have. In a way it was a wake up call for her, realizing that she actually wasn't strong, but rather just another weakling. She was frustrated in herself and desired to become stronger.

Current Mobile Weapon:

Model Number: KM-KEIX/a
Code Name: Kensei
Classification: Custom-Use Close Combat Mech
Power Source: Overclocked Orgone Extractor
Propulsion: Orgone Thrusters
Height: 34.5 meters
Weight: 56.6 tons

Kusanagi Relic Weapon - Takamagahara: One of the many sword Relics crafted and used by Kusanagi himself. Preserved throughout the ages by the Aohara Family, this weapon is said to be indestructible and holds mystic powers.
"Masamune Orgone Modular Weapon": A Modular Weapon crafted by Lunar technicians using Kusanagi's weapon expertise. Through the use of manipulating and condensing Orgone, this weapon can take the form of many different kinds of weapons. Three commonly used are: Katana, Cross Spear, and Yumi Bow.

Special Moves:
-The Kensei has full access to the Kusanagi's Sword School Techniques, although modified to function with Orgone.
-Buskar Mode

A Heavily modified Raftclans, given to the Aohara family for their loyalty in supporting the aristocracy, similar to the Amaterasu, Kusanagi developers essentially stripped down the Knight Machine and retooled the whole design. Overclocking the Orgone Reactor and removing any safety limiters put in place by the original designers, Kensei was designed to the specifications of Okuni's combat style, using the data gathered from her time piloting Amaterasu. In additon to overhauling the machine's reactor output, several Orgone Emitters were installed on the shoulders of the mech, providing the machine a greater ability to disperse Orgone Particles so that it may keep up with the newly tooled reactor. Kensei first saw combat during the Lunar Civil War.
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