Operation March Hare (TS, Closed)


Staff member
Jun 15, 2018
To all who wear the cerulean sash of liberty,

This is Hyperion.

Our enemy is in disarray, their forces spread thin as they struggle to repel the DAMON onslaught. The vile Lamalice have already claimed an entire Colony cluster for themselves, while the Space Forces did nothing but look on, in what may be one of the greatest losses of human life in recorded history.

Yet... The people remain unaware of the reality of the situation, information control keeping the truth suppressed tightly. So long as this state of affairs continues, any attempt at revolt is doomed to failure.

However... The crisis has afforded us an opportunity to correct this state of affairs, once and for all.

Thanks to your hard work, we can now move proceed with the next part of our plan:

Now is the time to strike at the heart of the beast, to send poison coursing through its veins.

Our field agents have located the central control nexus of the Universal Network: A mountain facility located at Lantau Peak, Hong Kong.

This supercomputer complex is the backbone of the tyrants - and the source of their ability to control, to censor information. Once it is destroyed, we will be able to flood the network with evidence of their crimes.

And then... the great awakening will begin.

In 48 hours, diversionary attacks will occur in nearby cities and on mainland China, while a small strike force will attack the facility head on...

And level it to the ground.

To ensure success, I am sending my strong right hand to assist in the assault. There can be no room for error - in order for Terra Sentinel's mission to succeed, for true freedom to reign, for justice to prevail...

We cannot fail.

You have your orders.

V. O. V