Piercing the Shroud (Terra Sentinel, DEI)


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Jun 15, 2018
As Roman continued his fierce assault on the Great Axion Class, there was a sudden... noise that began to fill the air, overpowering even the roar of gunfire. A horrid, turgid, mechanical whine that tore at the senses, sending vibrations clattering through the deck of the battleship. It sounded like...

A drill. Only... about a hundred thousand times louder.

With terrible slowness, the colossal torso of the Lemures crested the field of Roman's view, twin glowing green eyes alight with power as it slowed minutely, rocketing up on plumes of multi-hued dimensional energy exhaust that were almost a match for the battleship's own. As it did so, the slugs from Sigrid's weapon smashed into its left knee, shattering the armor plating and sending electricity crackling threateningly up its limb - but the pilot neither knew, nor cared. The power of the Sphere, and the Chimera Card, were coursing through her veins, setting her senses on fire.

This is it! Thought Eliza Kruger, deleriously. This is what I've been searching for all along!

I knew I was different!

I'm not a failure, like the rest of them!

I knew it...!


With an uncharacteristic roar of fury, one of the Lemures' whirling, augur-grafted limbs came swinging down across the deck of the ship at chest level, looking to viciously swipe the Super Robot clear of its perch on the vessel's deck, and back to the earth below...

Hyperion watched, with seemingly no small amount of amusement, as Okuni departed wordlessly to clash with the Gespenst, its red cloak blowing about it in the wind. There was a commotion below it in the crew compartment of the Heca, but he ignored it - they would be dealt with in due time. Leaks needed to be plugged, after all. The light of the Orgon cloud expansion briefly lit up its features in emerald as its eyes followed the motions of the smaller unit with practiced ease as it twisted through the air.

Anastasiya was proving to be an effective operative, he mused. Yet, there was always the possibility of betrayal... Especially whenever personal feelings began to get in the way of duty, but for the moment, she was useful where she was. The Institute had proven maddeningly effective at uprooting their operatives so far, and having an inside ear on Bertram's schemes was almost as valuable as having System XN itself. With the completion of this operation... it would be time to finally shed light on the Directory's betrayal of its own people.

With the others seemingly preoccupied engaging the DEI forces, the Jinrai bounded from its perch, somersaulting to the ground below with a roar of its thrusters, as it began to sprint at breakneck speed towards the communications tower... unopposed.
Aug 25, 2018
The Jaohm was just about to move on to the next engine when the first green beam streaked past her, stopping her in her tracks. Turning around towards the source of the beam Sigrid easily dodged the following beams as well.

What the hell was that? Sigrid was met with the oddest Mobile Weapon design she had seen. She had thought that Jaohm using a scythe was weird but a farm tool used as a weapon had nothing on that. Why would anyone make a Real type that had to drag a giant light bulb of a seashell behind it?

It looked ridiculous.

Which is why it should be approached with due care.

The Jaohm's right hand went to point at the approaching machine, shooting a continuous barrage of Prana-enhanced bullets at it from the machine gun mounted to it. Meanwhile the left arm that was holding the linear railgun kept shooting at another engine. Jaohm itself retreated away from the approaching enemy, trying to keep the distance between them.


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Jun 18, 2018
Green particles floated around the Amaterasu, surrounding the machine like a rather peculiar green cloud, drifting in a swirl around the Knight Frame. Okuni looked on at the rather small mobile weapon --if it could even be called that-- that seemingly effortlessly evaded the encircled orgone spears. Though unfazed, she unsheathed a Katana from its waist, a standard-sized sword in the same jet black coloring featured on the Amaterasu itself, though several green lines ran through the blade akin to something like a circuit. The circuits themselves pulsed with a vibrant green energy, as it began to manipulate the orgone surrounding the Amaterasu.

Okuni took a deep breath, relaxing her body and controlling her breathing, allowing the oxygen to fully enter her body and strengthen her muscles.

“Genbu: Chudou”

As the shots from the Gespenst’s rifle came in on the Amaterasu, it blinked out of space once… twice… three times in total, shifting positions each time. Traveling in a zig-zag pattern while approaching the Gespenst. On the final time, it appeared close enough for her blade to reach out and strike her enemy.

“Fifth Step: Reaping the Wheat”

In a single motion, Amaterasu spun in a full circle, with the blade following along the orbit of its movement. The orgone particles had condensed around the sword, effectively increasing its length and width by a fair amount. As if cutting down wheat in a field, the blade swung its course, the Gespenst nothing more than another stalk of grain in the blade’s path. A trail of green followed the blade, leaving behind a line of Orgone that soon dispersed, then detonated in a ring of fireworks almost. While mostly harmless at its scale, it was an added flair that if nothing else, would jolt the Gespenst around.
Aug 4, 2018
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Well, everything seems to be going well - people disobeying orders aside. Now we can just sit back and lend moral support."

Combat wasn't meant to be relaxing. But Dylan was reclining in his command chair all the same. A projection of the battlefield lazily rotated, showing the various machines in combat and rough indications of their status.

"With laser beams, of course. I'm not supposed to shout at employees any more."

Katri's voice would come crackling over internal communications to interrupt his miniature break, her frustration evident.

"You're also supposed to be managing the defence of the UN tower. Why isn't anyone dealing with the machine currently running at it?"

Her machine had already been salvaged, and they could hardly just toss the MARV out of a hangar to handle the problem personally. So unfortunately any solution to this problem was in Dylan's hands now. Or the hands of whoever he decided to delegate the problem to.

The Scorpion didn't even try to dodge the bullets, keeping the scaffold edge outstretched in front of itself to intercept the ones that would damage the main chassis. Not all of them were dodged or intercepted, however - a few slammed into the shell on the back, sending spikes of pain directly into Ashley's body.

It hurts.


"Ashley. Could you hit that elemental properly this time? I'm getting sick of it sniping at the engi-"


Her pain was an encouragement - an attempt to drive her baser instincts to the forefront. It seemed to ebb away when she shouted at the comms, reaching to turn them off before something stopped them. Letting out her anger like that... felt [green]good. Shutting down his bullshit felt better than ignoring it - even if she hated him more with every word out of that stupid. smug. mouth. But hitting Dylan could wait. She had something floating right in range... and it had hurt her.

Both thrusters screamed into life with a sudden surge of energy, and the scaffold edge grew in anticipation. Once the Scorpion was within a few metres of the Jaohm it started lashing out, slicing away wildly with the blade as it grew and shrank almost at random. She wanted blood - didn't matter where it came from, as long as she hit something.

"Fine, fine. Port side guns, open fire on that little machine running at the tower. And try to lead your shots for once, please - blindly firing and hoping for the best only works on aircraft!"

Every gun battery on the left side of the Resolution lit up at once, and it began to list as yet another engine went up in smoke. Great clouds of dirt and rock were forced into the air with every beam that hit the ground, energy blasts striking around the JinRai as they struggled to hit the sprinting machine.

But Quantity has a quality all of its own. What the anti-air lasers lacked in accuracy they made up in numbers, turning the ground along Hyperion's path to the tower into a mess of beams and debris - hoping to at least slow him down, if not stop him entirely.


Aug 19, 2018
With one of his arms in the air and one of the blades embedded into the Great Axion for the time being Roman judged his chances as fair. That was, until the cacophony of drills approached in the form of the Lemures. Now that was something he didn't like the look of, not when fighting it with support that is. So he reassessed his options, and his choice ended up being a rather simple one. As he thought about his options the arm that was loose began to turn back to its origin point, the Caper's laser hitting it in the side of the drill. Though it did not seem to care as it continued its route back to the white mech from which it came.

The Thrudgelmir reeled back its remaining fist for a punch, the second drill clicking forwards just like it had done with the other arm though this one did not spin, and before Cuddles could hit him with its charge or the swipe could come through it jumped backwards slightly, punching forwards to embed the drill into the Great Axion.

It was a rocky ride down but after a solid second the mech's claw like feet latched onto the steel in front of it meaning it had three appendages in the front of the ship, hanging a short distance above the gun that had fired at it moments prior.

The stump of his arm was held out to the returning arm, the two clicking into one as if they had never separated. This would likely be the closest he was going to get to a breather as things were. A few issues currently, getting one of his swords back was one but dealing with two and a half enemies was another.
However he was also in a prime position to take out that cannon right now.

Inside the cockpit roman sighed, maybe going this far ahead was a mistake, but the man himself had shown up and it seemed he was providing an adequate distraction for him. So perhaps using his regeneration to stall and just wreak some havoc in general aught to do the trick, which meant.

His his eyes went low, well. Disabling the ship from stopping the 'boss' was a good start.

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Sep 29, 2018
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Cuddles' attack sailed over the Thrudgelmir. It pivoted on clawed feet, tearing into the metal to halt it's forward momentum. Finally halted, the DAMON stalked close once again, aiming to take advantage of the Thrudgelmir's inactivity to wrap it in the tendrils.

"Be a good boy and shoo," Minerva addressed the pilot with a dangerously sweet tone. However, despite the implied threat, the Caper spread it's wings and backed off, dropping below the deck. She was in search of the Thrudgelmir's sword. She could use it as a bargaining chip if it hadn't been destroyed by the explosive tail, or she could use it on him and possibly impale the pilot on his own weapon. Either one was just fine with her. While the Thrudgelmir was a prime target... Ashley would not be happy if she put a giant hole in the ship.