Presenting: J.R. and the crew of the Pleiades Taura


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Sep 10, 2018
Full name: Jonathan Regal Marquiss

Age: 35
Gender: Male
Height: 1,68 meters
Weight: 65 kg
Eye Color: Brown
Hair Color: Purple (tainted)
Ethnicity: Human

Biography: Having born as the son of a bussinessman and bussinesswoman, he could have almost anything he wanted and lived without any worry until he was 6 years old, but it was at that moment that the stock of their bussiness fell and their respective companies went bankrupt.

That was the biggest change for him, since he couldn't have almost anything now, and everything he held dear, even his toys, were sold in order to put a simple dish on the table, so he could survive. Five years had to pass until they could live like a normal family, by that time, their lifestyle had completely changed and J.R. was now attending to a public school.

When he had to reunite funds to pay for the highschool, he was a mere hotdog seller who didn't stand out, until he grew tired of it and had a sudden realization, what if he could crawl from the abyss onto the top of the corporate chain? It was decided, with the keen eye he had for valuable things came an innate talent at betting, so he started to reunite a small fortune, enough to start a little bussiness once he ended highschool.

It was at that moment that he started his small food company "J.R's hotdogs", and with a lot of effort, by the time he was 25 he managed to compete against his former boss. Three years later, he bough his former boss' company and his assets. Along with those assets, J.R. found a strange ship that the owner of that company had a strange battleship, the Pleiades Taura, along with some annotations talking about an incoming danger, and as he was inspecting the ship, he had a revelation in the bridge, right after he activated the ship. It was exactly what the annotations talked about, at that moment, he felt true fear.

It was from this point onwards that he felt a desire to protect, to preserve, a desire that he already had within him but he just became aware of it. With his fortune, he started to buy everything he wanted to preserve it and sold his food company to create an information gathering company, so he could protect things from the destruction.

Mobile Weapon: Pleiades Taura

Affiliation: Independent, actually working with Xander

Combat Style: He knows various combat styles, but his prefered one is to blitz the enemy with his minions in order to complete a mission in a minimum ammount of time.

Strengths: Experience in betting, which comes with a keen eye for combat and remarkable capabilities at analyzing.

Weaknesses: The least important thing for himself is his own health, protects his assets at any cost.

Other information: Upon finding the Pleiades Taura, he also found the Aldebals, which were of the same series as the Pleiades Taura, but without the same power source. With the help of one of his contacts, he's invested on a Tech Division so he could mass produce them and perform manteinance on his Pleiades Taura and on the Aldebaros.

The infantry colored ones are piloted by interns, which makes it somewhat cheaper than actually training pilots.

The commander-colored ones are piloted by the leaders of his company's divisions.

Occupation: Bussiness man and collector

Likes: Rare objects, money.

Dislikes: Tax fraud.
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