Priscilla Hunt

Mar 23, 2021
Name: Priscilla Hunt
Age: 21
Gender: Female
Height: 5’6
Weight: 128lb
Eye Color: Golden Yellow
Hair Color: White Blonde
Ethnicity: Lunarian (of European descent)
Appearance: 1AC1511F-81FD-4938-8B43-FAC06215C8AD.png
Other Information: Much like most Lunarian nobles, Priscilla is a Psychodriver. However, her psychic powers are still quite weak. She still has potential to grow into a powerful Psychodriver given enough development
  • Peace and Quiet
  • Gardening
  • A good spar or workout
  • Perverts
  • Suitors and Courters

Priscilla is a Lunarian noble who was born in a prestigious family with a military background, her father was a general and her older brother was a Colonel. As such, Priscilla was raised with some form of military training, leading to her tomboy attitude throughout her teens and early adulthood. She was quite happy with her life until disaster took form in the Coup staged by Ashford against the Queen of Everglory. During said Coup, both her father and brother died in battle.

After their deaths, Priscilla took the family heirloom mobile weapon, the Vysaga and joined with the remnants of the Queen’s supporters and the Queen herself in Endymion. Deciding to honor the deaths of her late father and brother, Priscilla decides to take up arms with the Vysaga. In secret however, Priscilla just wants all the war to be over with, wanting nothing to do with the war and just live a peaceful life. To do that, she will side with anyone she sees as the “good guys” which in this case would be her people in Endymion as the Coup faction is simply going to bring more trouble unless they are stopped.

As for the story for why Priscilla hates suitors, it is simply because they are after her family power and her looks. This caused her to shut herself away from a lot of men and makes her a bit paranoid that all they want with her is to take control of her for what she represents, her family as well as her dignity. While she may be defensive at first, she should calm down after a few conversations.

Mobile Weapon:


Affiliation: Endymion (Lunarians)

Combat Style: Wild
Strengths: The style of combat used by Priscilla is quite unpredictable and fast, making it hard to defend against her. Not to mention, the Vysaga also draws on Ki or Haki (spiritual energy) to enhance some attacks and it is something Priscilla has quite a bit of while fighting intensely.
Weaknesses: While Priscilla has quite an offense oriented style of combat, her defense is very much open most of the time.

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