Rise From The Depths (Invite Only)


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Jun 18, 2018

Aberon smirked as the Omega Wave struck hard against the Ancient being, yet just as quickly, he was subject to the gravitational bindings brought about by the magic circle the machine had implemented below him.

“Such… pitiful bindings…”

He spoke under the weight.

The energies by no means were of any risk to him immediately, yet the force of it made it more of a nuisance than anything else. Though even then, it wouldn’t last long, as he could hear the voices reaching across the dimensions and space, and gave another smirk. He knew not exactly what they came from, but the effects of it were becoming clear as day to him, and likely the others around him. As the bindings lessened around him, he straightened his voice and grinned at Volkruss.

“Humans are… quite interesting, are they not?”

Aberon spoke to Volkruss as the circle faded and the gravity that held him in place subsided.

“Far too interesting to be erased as a whole. They always find some way to surprise you.”

It seemed evident that Volkruss’ power was beginning to wane, and the Shin Nazgadd grew weaker as the negative energy began to escape from its form. Perhaps it was about time to finish this whole ordeal, and perhaps even take back a bit of what was originally his. His face grew serious, and he was finally getting serious.

“Return to the origin.”

The sword Zephirut held began to fade away, and Aberon shifted his hands to his side. As if from the aether around him began to condense and be drawn into the core of his machine. Aberon was he who created this world, and throughout it, his power laid dormant, waiting. He would enact his authority as ‘God’ and eliminate this threat to his world.


No more than a flickering visage that for but a brief moment appeared around Aberon, the image of his ‘true’ form appeared to all present. Perhaps incomprehensible to the average human who knew little of the ancients and gods, but for the God of Destruction, the Apostle of the Giants, and the servant of the Angel, a great draconic form that dwarfed all present; even the prior form of the god of destruction paled in size to the momentary visage. Though as quickly as it became visible, the image vanished from sight. From then, the energy flowed outward and began to swell in its hands before it reached out as if to grasp Shin Nazgadd in its entirety.

“By my Authority as Aberon, the creator of this world and all who live in it, I shall make my decree. You, Volkruss, a being who shouldn’t exist, who's existence is a sin in itself, I sentence you to oblivion. From nothing from whence you came, to nothing you shall return.”

In the palm of his hand, the form of Shin Nazgadd began to take shape, as if it was but a mini-sized version that fit in his hand. At the same time, the space around Shin Nazgadd would begin to contort before being torn open and being folded over the machine, encapsulating it whole. Zephirut would slowly begin to squeeze its hands together around Mini-Nazgadd, encapsulating and later crushing the image in its hands.

Paralleling Zephirut’s action, the space that surrounded Shin Nazgadd began to ‘shrink’ around the machine, slowly compacting and crushing that which was within it.

“Lao… ‘tis unfortunate things ended this way. I can only say I’m disappointed in you.”

Aberon spoke to himself with a frown on his face.

Zehn Gebote remained persistent around Volkruss, continually crushing and holding the machine where it was until it was no more.

Vayne on the other hand, took this as his time to make an exit, perhaps his help was hardly needed from the very beginning. Though perhaps he took pleasure in watching the great and mighty Volkruss crumble before him, it was possibly worth enough for him to have stayed the time he did. Nonetheless, he could only imagine things would be getting busy in the coming days, there was much preparation he needed to do.

“Thy fate is sealed. And I shall take my leave. ‘Twas a pleasure, Lao.

With his final remarks, a dimensional rift appeared behind Azrael, and Vayne shifted backwards into it, vanishing from sight, shortly before the rift did as well.


Aug 19, 2018
There it was, the trick. As his blade passed through the foe he knew that using that weapon of his would have been doomed to fail had he used it immediately, given his prior experience using it against something that got on his nerves as much as the thing in front of him, or now technically 'in front' of him as it shifted in another plane of existence. A thought interrupted by the shining of kaleidoscopic light the momentary distraction immediately followed by the retort of the god of destruction one intent on causing the utter decimation of his foes.

The Z.O. Sword was now forced down to the ground as the Astranagant pushed against the force aiming to crush him, perhaps for some getting to face off against a dark god of destruction would get their blood pumping and heart racing, but even as he was clearly aware of the dire situation he was in, and that it was far from guaranteed for him to leave this situation alive Derrick was not feeling adrenaline coursing through him, but exert himself he did struggling against the oncoming darkness and destruction because one must, the first and last line of defense was this battle here and so he, they, could not fail.

Until suddenly, a small light danced in front of his eyes.

That, caused him to pause. For all the monstrous creatures he had seen, for all the envoys of the endtimes encountered and now this twisted dark god eager to devour and destroy existence itself out of sheer spite it was not them, but this small dancing light that disrupted his focus for the first time since his meeting with the Angel who had him in his employ.

Amidst the cacophony of crushing crystal and shrieking metal, there was... singing? As well as snow? No, tiny DEC particles dancing in the void of space carrying these voices within. Someone had disrupted the ritual of the Cult of Volkruss at the most fundamental level, and he had no clue who or what had done so. But the fact of the matter was that the crushing grip on the Astranagant was weakening and now, now he could push away the grasp of the monster clawing at him.

And now...

Was the time for 'that' weapon.​

This moment of reprieve, 'return to origin' was indeed apt the Guardian of Causality could not help but note. He needed distance to do this freely, and it was being offered freely.

In the flickering visage he saw traces of the reaction done by Zivon to Gail during the latter's 'visit' to the former's abode, but as the would be creator of all things put pressure, in more than one way, on the dark god Derrick saw his opportunity clearly.

The wings of the Astranagant flared up, green light crying out like a beacon to all mankind, the Black Angel held both its arms up, cracked crystal reflecting and cascading the green light of the wings in a million patterns and a thousand lights, the damage done by the crushing motion was evident yet the Astranagant still held together, it would break rather then bend.

"Now then, Dark God of Destruction. Allow me to grant you a true parting gift of the Dark God of Creation, the epitome of both your efforts and that of your now deceased peer- An ultimate destruction at the moment of creation!"
Derrick outstretched his hand over the image of the Shin Nazgadd on his visual feed, before in a simple motion snatching it. Unlike Aberon this would not take manifest in a direct way, but rather it was a signal to the machine he sat in.

And now, the kaleidoscopic light of Aberon's prior attack was outperformed by a white 'light' more equivalent to an all devouring void bellowing forth from the shadow of death that was known to this battlefield. A blinding light, 'Ein Sof'. The engine with a million cogs, the thing that eradicated the ur-humans, the ultimate weapon against the Akashic Records themselves. A violation of all laws of space and time. It was the ultimate creation of man's hubris, and now.. It was preparing to fire once more.

As the Astranagant spread its arms wide holding a pose not unlike that of a famous 'son' of the very entity deigned to arise from Ein Sof, a golden crosshair of light came into being in front of the Black Angel's chest. If the metal within the frame of Astranagant had creaked before, now it was echoing throughout the battlefield. The distinctive sound of metal groaning as the crosshair formed faded to be replaced by the pilot naming the attack at long last once more.

"Infinity Cylinder!"

The crosshair collided into itself, shooting forward in a stream of light that soon became a massive ball, as this sphere of annihilation travelled it began to break down turning into ten smaller spheres that kept on course to the Shin Nazgadd.

Neutron stars, the smallest, densest objects barring black holes and now ten of them danced across the surface of the moon. Yet the moon was somehow unharmed. These constellation creations were after but one thing, the god of destruction. Perhaps the man who tested himself against them previously was watching this display again, to see how it would go.

And now, with the monster held so well into place the finishing blow could shatter the dark god. The ten stars circled the being faster and faster until they were but motes of light then streaks of light circling around their target faster than Derrick could keep track of, perhaps the two gods in his company could perceive more of it but he cared not.

Time... That undeniable killer of billions, the thing that kept marching forward. It was both the Alpha of all things that 'exist' for there needs to be a point at which they begin 'existing' and their Omega, for every carton of milk has its expiry date and organic tissue decays. Now it may be true that gods do not feel the weight of time as heavily as humans to that there was no denying but everything would expire with enough time.

But, the one thing no thing that required 'existing' wanted, the one thing they all feared was if 'Alpha' met 'Omega' the beginning becomes the end.


To die the second one comes into existence, such was the task of this weapon. The ten stars that circled brought with them time, and used it as a weapon spinning in such a way to manipulate the 'time' of the target to make Alpha meet Omega.

From within the confines of the cockpit Derrick watched, once this battle was done... He would have a chat with the overseer of time itself.
He had questions once more, and now seemed like a time to cash in for answers.