Roman & Thrudgelmir


Aug 19, 2018
Name: Domashev Roman Yakovich
Age: 24
Gender: Male
Height: 5’8”
Weight: 150 lbs
Eye Color: Blue
Hair Color: Dirty Blonde
Ethnicity: Caucasian (Russian)

Other Information: No special abilities, lacks identifying papers
Occupation: ‘Dimensional Refugee’
Combat theme


Domashev Roman Yakovich commonly referred to as ‘Roman’, born 19 years pre-jump in Moscow and subsequently abandoned there grew up on the streets of what was then known as the ‘New Tsardom’ during the so called ‘second uprising’. Here he learned how to survive in the middle of what was effectively a street to street war zone.
At the tail end of the second uprising he joined the gang known as ‘Snegopad’ as an enforcer at age 12. Four years later the leader of Snegopad figured out Prometheus’ identity and attempted to blackmail him for resources and PTs, resulting in the Supreme commander personally taking on the gang’s leader, causing the group to splinter in the fallout.

With nowhere else to go Roman did what he’d done for the past few years. Follow the strongest man present, which Prometheus had proven himself to be. Effectively stowing away on the Duraxyll as it returned to home base. Though an unplanned addition Roman’s induction into Shadow Mirror was simple. The, at the time, 16 year old would over the course of the next three years participate in a multitude of missions. Usually ones where something needed breaking and someone that won’t play fair was required.
After jump Roman has spent most of his time during the first year on base, helping with reconstruction. With a more mission based approach afterwards, where he would get sent off in a, usually, unmarked unit of an opposed faction to cause an incident and exit the area to spur conflict.

Since arriving in L’isolda 5 years ago the only real notable feat Roman has achieved was getting arrested and breaking out of jail to join Terra Sentinel.
With most of his time prior to this spent, according to him, ‘with the old guy that taught me most of what I know’. But several reports place someone matching Roman's description at or nearby several active combat scenarios all over the globe with the one undoubtedly confirmed encounter he has had in Russia where he alongside three others tried to topple a supply train only for two to be killed and Roman, alongside another, to be captured.
In the short while since joining he has been sent off to Alkahest once to fulfill one of their requests. This is where the Type-3 Grungust he was supposed to be using turned into the Thrudgelmir during an experiment involving Machine Cells.

Mobile Weapon: Thrudgelmir

Affiliation: Terra Sentinel

Combat Style: Striker
Strengths: Close combat expert, Improvisation, Pushing small advantages
Weaknesses: Doesn’t plan ahead, mediocre at best with ranged weaponry

Model Number: MCW-002
Code Name: Thrudgelmir
Manufacturer: Alkahest
Operator: Domashev Roman Yakovich
Power Source: Plasma Reactor
Armor Material: Machine Cells
Height: 53.7 m
Weight: 403.2 t
Propulsion: Tesla Drive, Drills
Armament: Boost Knuckle x2, Drill Knuckle x2, Head Mounted Drill, Zankantou x2, Armor Breaker, Weapon Breaker
Equipment: Machine Cells, Tesla Drive, ASRS
Finishing Moves: Drill Inferno, Zankantou, Molniya, Odnosimvol'nyy Rubyashchiy, Molniya Padeniye Sily Tyazhesti, Kikan Mech Konechnaya Tayna «Mech Issen-Hoshinagi»

A Grungust unit infected with Machine Cells given to Terra Sentinel by Alkahest as recompense for the lost Bulldog unit. Aside from a few general features like the face, the drills on its back and the boost knuckle there are few reminders of what it once was.
What it has become however, is a physical powerhouse with the machine cell fueled regeneration to back it up.
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