Rosa Whiterose

Jul 22, 2019
Name: Rosa Whiterose
Age: 27
Gender: Female
Height: 1,75 cm
Weight: Confidential
Eye Color: Purple
Hair Color: Black
Ethnicity: White
Other Information: She has Psychodriver abilities, enough for her to be compatible with a T-LINK System.
Biography: Rosa came from another world, which was plagued by a dimensional distortion. Her husband, one of the many heroes of the war caused by the cataclysm, with the know-how of dimensional travel, sent her to investigate a mysterious time loop, with the mission of stopping any dimensional distortion that might occur. She ended up stuck on it, as it traveled across many other worlds; she felt lonely, and somewhat recluse as she saw many things as the loop went on.

After escaping from the loop by unknown means, she ended up on a new world. As days have passed, she encounter an refugee organization, and since they had no information on anyone from her original world, she wandered across the planet. Interested on her background, and the fact she had many experiences with a time loop, The Directive recruited her as one of its pilots. Having nowhere to go, and with the desire to see her husband again, she accepted their offer... but, she had no intention of carrying their orders.

Mobile Weapon: R-Gun Powered

Affiliation: The Directory

Combat Style: Strategic
Strengths: Besides having Psychodriver abilities, she has quick thinking and average piloting skills. When combining that with her style of combat, she can elaborate strategies in no time.
Weaknesses: She has trouble following orders. Also very willing to run from trouble.
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