Sigrid Korppi and Jaohm.

Aug 25, 2018
Name: Sigrid Korppi
Age: 23
Gender: Female
Height: 170cm (5’7’’)
Weight: 62kg (136.7lb)
Eye Colour: Blue
Hair Colour: Orange
Ethnicity: Nordic
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Additional Information: Prana user
Likes: Running, soaring through the skies, reading
Dislikes: Restriction and loss of freedom.
Combat Theme

Biography: Born to a senior member of Terra Sentinel, Erkki Korppi. Though her mother had died at childbirth, or perhaps because of it, her father loved her dearly. During her childhood years she was found to be talented in Prana manipulation, while, much like her father, also possessing a good amount of it. From the age of 11 onwards her father reluctantly slowly eased her to Prana studies and control practises. Few years after the beginning of her studies she knew that she’d want to join Terra Sentinel following the footsteps of her father, something Erkki vehemently opposed. Eventually, Erkki relented before his daughter, promising to not oppose her wish to join Terra Sentinel. Unfortunately this was right when he was leaving for what would be his last mission.
The Omsk Tragedy.

Though she never was officially part of Terra Sentinel, with her close family ties to it Sigrid was placed under constant surveillance by the Directory. At first, in her grief and anger at being watched, she lashed out and the only thing that saved her from being deported to Outer Rim was a particularly understanding Directory official. Reluctantly, Sigrid calmed down and did her best to adapt to her new circumstances.

During the early phases of the Directory’s withdrawal and Terra Sentinel’s re-emergence, A small team led by one of her father’s comrades rescued Sigrid from the surveillance, taking her with them to a Terra Sentinel base.

Eventually, some time after she was taken in by the organization, she was bestowed the now repaired mech of her father: The Jaohm. Not believing herself to be worthy of the Jaohm, and suspecting that nepotism played a part in it, Sigrid strives to improve herself to be worthy of the mech that was bestowed on her, of her father’s legacy.

Mobile Weapon: Jaohm

Affiliation: Terra Sentinel

Fighting Style: Speedster/Skirmisher
Strengths: Sigrid’s style puts extreme emphasis on speed, running circles around her opponents while harassing them with light ranged barrage, waiting for an opening. Once one is found or made, she’ll dash in without hesitation to strike a hopefully decisive melee attack on her opponent. She can overwhelm a singular opponent with sheer speed and even provide support to any potential allies, quickly appearing to strike unsuspecting enemies.
Weaknesses: Her style needs a lot of room to maneuver in, and as a result she is far easier to deal with in closed spaces and areas with a lot of obstacles. Furthermore, Jaohm is a fragile mech with only light armor protecting it from damage, and mechs with heavy armor can potentially shrug its assault off without any real worry.

Model Number: JH-01
Code Name: Jaohm
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Manufacturer: Terra Sentinel
Operator: Sigrid Korppi
Power Source: Prana Converter, additionally Jaohm is blessed by the Spirit of the Heat Haze, Januk.
Armor Material: Ceramic Composite
Height: 28.4m
Weight: 41.7metric tons
Propulsion: Prana Jet Thrusters
Armament: 2* 80mm Machine gun (arm mounted), Scythe. Both can be enhanced with Prana if necessary. Linear Railgun (mounted on rear skirt armor when not in use), Beam Cannon (chest) and a conjurable Discutter
Equipment: None.

Finishing Moves: None.
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