Sir Charles Beaumont, Grand Arbiter of the Lunar Kingdom of Everglory

Jun 14, 2018
Name: Charles Beaumont
Age: 31
Gender: Male
Height: 5'10"
Weight: 157 lbs.
Eye Color: Brown
Hair Color: Brown
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Appearance: TheArbiter.jpg
Other Information:
- Official Title: Grand Arbiter of the Lunar Kingdom of Everglory


"Make way! Make way for the Grand Arbiter!"

The mere mention of the title was enough to part a crowd of even the most self-important nobles. Appointed directly by the Lunar Royalty, such was the position's stature that disrespect toward the Arbiter was tantamount to high treason in the more sycophantic circles of nobility. Judge, Jury, and - with exceptional rarity, though such distasteful things were occasionally necessary - Executioner, the Grand Arbiter of the Lunar Kingdom of Everglory was a figure of tremendous political power and influence. But what single individual could hope to fulfill such lofty obligations?

Enter Sir Charles Beaumont, Knight of the Courts of Everglory. Born into a minor house among the Lunar nobility, Charles was destined from infancy to inheret a position of not insignificant clout and raised as such. Brought up in the trappings of quasi-royalty, the young Beaumont was instructed at every turn in the practices of etiquette, politics, family history, and other such things considered important to people of their standing. The idea of honor-bound dueling as it had evolved over the Kingdom's past fascinated Charles most of all, an interest that would shape the burgeoning youth's future far more than either he or his caretakers would realize.

In a wholly unsurprising twist, upon coming of piloting age and gaining access to the family's mobile weapons Charles developed rather a knack for challenging people to - or being challenged to - ceremonial duels over impressively petty manners. It came to the point where it was strongly suspected that there was collusion between many of the involved parties, exploiting the time-honored system of formal challenges to duel 'for fun'. Naturally such things were heavily frowned upon, but in the absence of hard evidence there was no choice but to leave them well enough alone. Charles' father, at the least, harbored a secret approval of his behavior even if forced to publicly decry it to the rest of the family; being a better duelist, after all, made one a better nobleman by anyone's measure.

Fortunately, there were other positive effects as well. Regardless of whether the duels were staged or legitimate, in all cases Charles showed a remarkable amount of respect for his opponent - certainly more than could be said of most nobles, petty as they were in their squabbles. It did not take long for this streak of unconventional benevolence to catch the eye of a figure well above and beyond his station: the standing Grand Arbiter of the Kingdom. Advanced in age, the man - a fellow by the unusually terrestrial name of Richard Franklin - felt as though he was becoming too frail to properly perform his duties, and by this point had spent several years discreetly keeping watch for someone who felt worthy as a successor.

While Franklin lacked the power to directly choose his protege, it was well-known that in practice a recommendation from the current Arbiter essentially guaranteed appointment. This instance proved to be no different, and it was soon that Charles found himself carted with much ceremony before the highest of Lunar Royalty and offered a position of greatest prestige and responsibility. To refuse would bring tremendous shame upon his lineage. Fortunately, the ambitious teenager had no intention of turning down such an opportunity.

The road from young apprentice to Grand Arbiter proved to be both long and grueling. It was as though someone had recorded every difficult lesson Charles had on being a proper nobleman as a child and multiplied it tenfold. Franklin was a stern but fair instructor, as fitting of his station, and he went not a single day without lecturing the young man on the total, unforgettable importance of absolute neutrality required for the post of Grand Arbiter. Their job was to mediate between the noble houses, to settle disputes and ensure that ceremonial duels and other conflicts ended without undue bloodshed. And when necessary, to act as ultimate authority and mete out the appropriate punishment to those who transgressed the laws of the land - whether they be those written by the royal courts, or the unspoken rules of Lunar society.

It took the aging Arbiter years, but eventually he worked out every wrinkle in Charles' attitude as a champion of justice. There was but one thing left: to pass down the traditional steed of the Grand Arbiter, the gargantuan mobile weapon known as the Giganscudo. An ancient machine, it had served their line since the position's establishment generations ago. Sporting proud red, white, and gold as a signal of station, it was a unit constructed with the express purpose of stopping two dueling nobles in their tracks by virtue of sheer bulk and supreme defensive power. The final tool in conflict resolution, and one that nobody on the moon's surface dared cross.

Beaumont, now transformed, stepped into the position of Grand Arbiter with the greatest confidence of his peers in OE-0094. As of the current day, he has performed his duties with unfailing excellence. But the shadowed stirrings of greater conflicts, predicted by the moon's many Psychodrivers, have added another layer of complexity to the job hidden from public view. Should the unthinkable occur and the prophesied, cataclysmic events come to pass, the task of defending the Lunar Kingdom lay heavy on he and the Giganscudo's shoulders.

Mobile Weapon: GS-01 Giganscudo

Affiliation: Lunar Kingdom of Everglory

Combat Style: Bulwark
Combat Theme: Maximus - Audiomachine
Strengths: As the Grand Arbiter and enthusiastic duelist in his own right, Charles is heavily trained in single combat with the intention of being able to halt out-of-control duels as rapidly and efficiently as possible. He exhibits great skill in exploiting the Giganscudo's bulk and defensive prowess to bludgeon opponents into submission while deflecting or neutralizing their counterattacks. Given the chance to brace against an incoming attack, he proves nearly impossible to budge.
Weaknesses: Specializing in duels has left Charles as something of a disadvantage against multiple opponents, tending to focus too greatly on a single target and as a consequence leave himself vulnerable to other enemies. The Giganscudo is also lacking in ranged capability beyond the long-charging Giga Blaster, putting it on the back foot offensively against foes who can keep their distance while attacking from range.

Model Number: GS-01
Code Name: Giganscudo
Manufacturer: Lunar Kingdom of Everglory
Operator: Sir Charles Beaumont
Power Source: Plasma Generator
Armor Material: Unknown
Height: 70.3m
Weight: 451.9 tons
Propulsion: Plasma thrusters; Tesla Drive
Armament: 2 x Seize Shield/Seize Thunder; Giga Blaster; G-Circle Blaster; Weapon Breaker
Equipment: Tesla Drive; Gigante Barrier
Finishing Moves: Gigante Uragano

History: A towering colossus of a machine, the Giganscudo is - by Lunar standards - grossly unsophisticated, representing a wild departure from the terrifically complex and intricate mecha normally favored by the moon dwellers. It is effectively a relic of Lunarian mobile weapon design, constructed long before the discovery of Orgone and with only the most primitive forms of Extra-Over Technology.

As for why such a unit had not been updated to current standards, the reasons were twofold. First - and perhaps more importantly to the Lunar elite - tradition dictated that such a venerable machine be preserved in its original form, as the Giganscudo's development helped shape many of the Super-types that followed. And secondly, it demonstrated such effectiveness in the roles given to it that no upgrades were deemed truly necessary.

As it stands, the Giganscudo is first and foremost a mighty symbol of the Grand Arbiter. Its capabilities as a weapon, while impressive, are considered secondary.
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