Oct 3, 2022
Name: Seele Lorem
Age: 27(Cover); First activated 40 years ago
Gender: Female
Height: 1'67m
Weight: 78kg
Eye Color: light purple
Hair Color: brown
Ethnicity: Android
Appearance: File Image
Other Information: A combat data gathering android belonging to the organization known as Edelweiss. Its appearance is that of an adult woman wearing an outfit formed by a white shirt, a suspended green skirt, a lab coat and casual shoes that are changed out for combat boots; this look was crafted to blend in with humanity to varying degrees of success given their function.

The android's functions are divided in two modes, reactive and passive, which switch between one another depending on what the situation calls for; despite their shared function, their memories aren't quite so.

Each of the modes receive the other's memories in the moment in the form of "dreams", these dreams being parsed out into manageable information once they organize the data gathered; thus each mode is partially oblivious to the actions of the previous one.

As part of her human cover, the android developed a habit of biting on a small metal cylinder to give off a more approachable vibe so to speak.

Due to the partitioning between her modes' minds, each of them acts as a different personality:

- Passive mode generally speaks in a calmer, mild-mannered tone, remaining visibly calm regardless of the situation; despite not needing to sleep, she always seems to be tired if not merely sleepy.

- Reactive mode instead drifts into a more "awake" way of being, switching gentle mannerisms for hot-blooded drive; although still keeping remarkably calm in action, she takes faster decisions and acts in a rowdier manner. As opposed to the passive mode's constantly sleepy demeanor, reactive mode seems to be going through a caffeine high.

Biography: Upon her creation, the Lorem unit was given the directive to infiltrate armed groups and directly record their members, equipment, tactics and objectives on behalf of Edelweiss' commanders. Armed with a Special Unit of the Arm series, she operated within various groups that escaped the main observer's eyes, for a period no longer than two months each.

Originally both of her modes worked in perfect unison, switching seamlessly while accessing a singular memory bank; at some point during an operation, however, Seele received damages the aforementioned circuit, creating an emergency partition within her mind, now occupied by the passive mode's own memory.

This partitioning caused the transfer of memories between both modes to temporarily stagnate - the actions of one side being turned over to the other in the form of "dreams"; however, this malfunction was initially overlooked, the ever important repair getting pushed back due to the unit's continued functionality and retained effectiveness.

"if it ain't broke, don't fix it" as humans would say.

Mobile Weapon: Arm Arcus Finis (the gray mass produced, non-fuseable Arm Arcuses)

Affiliation: Edelweiss

Combat Style: Mid-Range assault

Strengths: Through the power of being a human-minded machine, Seele is capable of quickly assessing a situation, drawing from the various simultaneous threads of combat and analyzing them to form a plan that turns over the most data on her fellow fighters, as well as a favorable result.

Weaknesses: Despite the empirical approach to combat, Seele's hot-blooded nature during combat tends to throw it all to the wind in place of raw piloting skills; this in turn leaves her open to unaccounted variables and attacks.
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