Something we all Forgot

Hitura Rael

Staff member
Sep 29, 2018
Northeast Ohio
We're all here to have fun, but when the posting gets tough the brain starts... resisting. We stare at a blank reply box or blank document for ages, struggling to get something onto the 'paper'. We approach burn out, worrying over the quality and if people will like it. Then when we get to this point, do we enjoy it like we used to? Is it fun? Or stressful?

Recently I started Draw A Box with the intention of learning control and technique, stop the scratchy sketchy thing beginners do when they draw. So why's this relevant? Lesson 0-2. I'm not about to paste the lesson here, but I will tell you my take away.

When you do something artistic and you devote 100% of the time you do it for the sake of someone else or the sake of improvement, your brain sees it as a chore and you don't enjoy it as much. You worry too much about the end result and how you're perceived from it more than how that thing makes you feel anymore. Stop. Take a deep breath. Now, go write something for YOU. Write what you enjoy, only for you, or share it with friends when you're done. Don't worry about the outcome, don't worry about it being perfect. Just do it. Enjoy it, revel in it. Slow down and really take in that process. For every post you write that you fret, write something for yourself, carefree. Indulge yourself, you deserve it.