Sphere Relationship Overview


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Jun 14, 2018

Beneficial Relationships:

Swaying Scales + Aquarius = Gives Aquarius the
willpower to dig deep into its power reserves

Ox + Lion: Pain split, mutually beneficial

Dreaming Twin Fishes + Goat: Unlocks the true path toward the Fish’s goal.

Crab + Sheep: Impenetrable lies by silencing the true self

Scorpion + Archer: despite being opposites they can also benefit each other, each essentially digging in harder because of the other’s influence

Maiden + Twins: Deepens the resonance of Gemini through synchronizing better with the emotions of others.

Counters/Detrimental Relationships:

Curious Goat > Black Sheep, uncovers the truth behind lies w/ curiosity

Black Sheep > Gemini, uses lies to ruin sense of balanced emotions

Gemini > Swaying Scales, excites extremes of emotion and makes it impossible to focus

Swaying Scales > Silent Crab, upsets its desire for tranquility with insight capable of perceiving the emotions it suppresses

Silent Crab > Golden Ox, silences the “desire” it needs to work

Golden Ox > Dreaming Twin Fishes, steals its dreams so it loses sight of them

Dreaming Twin Fishes > Wounded Lion, using unrealistic expectations/desires to annihilate pain tolerance

Wounded Lion > Sorrowful Maiden, erases sadness with grit and toughness, essentially not feeling sorry for yourself

Maiden > Scorpion, heals hatred with sadness

Scorpion > Archer, overcomes stoicness with hatred.

Standing Archer > Curious Goat, resists the desire to learn, goat only gets the pressure effect and none of the knowledge

Aquarius has no weaknesses, but counters nothing either.
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