Sword of the Heavens

Nov 12, 2018
Name: Magda Logden
Callsign: Grimoire
Age: 20
Gender: Female
Height: 5’3”
Weight: 143
Eye Color: Pink
Hair Color: Purple
Appearance: 7C9B6702-A6AB-4FBF-A2A0-B4DA9F7A94CB.jpeg
Other Information: Psychodriver
Theme -
“I don’t feel comfortable doing this.”

“It’s not by choice, but my boss suggested I start keeping a diary, or log of my story. The old man says it’s important to have something for people to find when I die. So they know why I did all this. I suppose he has a point, but… I suppose it can’t hurt.”

“My name is Magda Logden, and I was born with a silver spoon in my mouth. My family was rich, like absolutely loaded, and I loved it. My parents were exporters of… Illicit goods and tech, specifically Extra-Over Technology. They were the life blood of the colonies, a vein that felt like it was never going to run dry.”

“I had everything a kid could ask for back in the day, toys, games, access to dangerous weapons under adult supervision. Nearly every week, if I did well in school, my parents would let me go to the compound and test fire all these weapons and guns. I loved messing around with Alien swords and shit, to the point where I was begging for them to get me some actual training. Of course we could afford it, and before long I was a Swordswoman in training, going along to various tutors across the colonies, even studying at on the Moon for a time.”

“I was great at it. By the Time I was fourteen, I was competing in tournaments and slicing my way to the top. Sometimes I wish I hadn’t. Maybe they would still be alive. We were only on that shuttle because we were on our way to the next competition. But I know that, in all honesty, the Directory would have gotten to us sooner or later. The shuttle was suddenly caught up in a “battle” between the directory and some “terrorist” group. Some mobile weapon charged our shuttle, sticking it’s rifle right up to the row where we were sitting. My mom threw me out of the way, and I watched, I watched as my family was disintegrated by the Directory.”

“The next several months are… Kind of a blur. My family’s companies were seized, my father and mother labeled as dissidents, and I was thrown into a juvenile detention center. I was beat, I fought back, I was beat more, it was a cycle that was infuriating. At some point, I managed to escape, maybe involving setting a foster home on fire. It’s in the public records, look it up if you have to.”

“After I got out, I tried to get into contact with any of our old contacts, catching up with the old man. He runs an… Exotic goods company, and hired me as some muscle. I’m not proud of everything I’ve done, but I regret nothing. It’s help me become stronger, better, tougher, whatever you want to say.”

“I killed a lot of people. They deserved it, at least.”

“I’m not a total monster, most people I’ll just hurt, a lot, but I know when to stay my blade.”

“Anyways. Most recently I’ve acquired a… Birthday gift, from some old looney my dad did business with. Said he owed us some payments before everything went to hell, so now I have… This weird ass giant robot girl. The specs seem pretty impressive, and it seems like there’s actually a lot of work I can get done with this.”

“I think I can make the Directory regret ever messing with us in the first place.”

“Magda “Grimoire” Logden, signing off.”

Mobile Weapon: VK-00X Code Name: Valsione Mass Production Prototype Unit 0X
Manufacturer: Lunar Kingdom of Everglory
Operator: Magda Logden
Power Source: Single Plasma Generator
Height: 21.2m
Weight: 33.5 tons (metric)
Propulsion: Tesla Drive
Armament: Plasma Cutter * 2, Steel Knife * 2, M13 Shotgun * 1, Spider Net * 2
Equipment: Motion Tracking system
Finishing Move:
Bayonet- The Valsione MP charges into it's opponent with one of it's blades, gouging into it's armor and violently slamming the muzzle of the M13 into the opening and firing.

Affiliation: Colonies
Combat Style: Duelist
Strengths: Magda is a skilled swordswoman, having spent the last several years focusing on rapid stabbing and counters, using a rapier and a parrying dagger typically. Translating over to Mobile Weapon combat, she will use a plasma cutter and a steel knife, emulating her preferred style, speed and counters.
Weaknesses: While she focuses more on agility, her actual defenses are lacking in general, vulnerable to anything that will catch her off guard, or able to brute force through her stances.
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